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Ashish Nanda - Archive (pre-2009)

Research and Scholarship



Professional Services:  Text and Cases, with Thomas J. DeLong, New York:  McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2003


 “The Risky Business of Hiring Stars,” with B. Groysberg and N. Nohria, Harvard Business Review 82, no. 5 (May 2004), R0405F

 “A Theory of Banking Structure,” co-author S. Das, Journal of Banking and Finance, v23(6), 1999, p. 863-895

 “Use Joint Ventures to Ease the Pain of Restructuring,” with P. J. Williamson, Harvard Business Review, 73, no. 6 (November – December 1995):  119–128 reprinted in the Harvard Business Review Strategic Alliances collection, reprint no. 49530, pp. 1–11 and Asuntos, v, In.2 PDVSA DIED:  Carcas, pp. 29-45

Case Studies, Course Notes and Teaching Notes


 “The Essence of Professionalism:  Managing Conflict of Interest,” HBS 903-120

“The Professional Pledge and Conflict of Interest,” HBS 899-177

“Who is a Professional?,” HBS 904-047

“Being a Professional,” with K. Morrell, compilation 904-041

“Broken Trust:  Role of Professionals in the Enron Debacle,” HBS 903-084

“Analyst Conflicts,” (A) – (B), HBS 904-021, 904-022

“Professional Associations,” HBS 904-054

“Consulting by Auditors,” (A), with K. Haddad and N. Hsieh, HBS 902-161, (B), with K. Haddad, 903-069, (C), with L. Prusiner, 905-020

“An Ancient Fable,” HBS 903-138

“The American Medical Association,” HBS 905-019

“The American Medical Association-Sunbeam Deal,” (A) – (C), with K. Haddad, HBS 801-326, 801-327, 802-091

“Crisis and Response:  Sexual Abuse Allegations in the Boston Archdiocese,” (A) – (B), HBS 904-048, 904-049

“Learning from Scandals:  Responsibility of Professional Organizations,” HBS 905-037

“Evolution of Public Reputation of a Profession,” (A), (B), HBS 904-052, 904-053, HBS 904-071

“Managing Client Conflicts,” HBS 904-059

“The Saga of Prince Jefri and KPMG,” (A) – (D), HBS 899-266, 899-267, 899-268, 899-269

 “AdNet,” (A) – (E), with K. Haddad, HBS 902-024, 902-025, 902-026,902-027, 905-007, with L. Prusiner, HBS 905-036

“Ethics in Venture Capital,” HBS 902-028

“Sherif Mityas at A.T. Kearney,” (A) – (D), with K. Morrell, HBS 904-031, 904-035, 904-037, 904-074, with L. Prusiner, HBS 905-028

“Professionals’ Quandaries,” with T. DeLong and S. Landry, HBS 800-371

“Tim Hertach at GL Consulting,” (A) – (D), with T. DeLong and S. Landry, HBS 800-153, 800-382, 800-383, 800-172, HBS801-029

Development and Leveraging of Professionals

 “Lehman Brothers Equity Research Department,” The Rise, (A), The Decline, (B), with B. Groysberg, HBS 902-002, 902-003, with L. Prusiner, HBS 905-031

“Strategic Review at Egon Zehnder International,” (A) – (C), with K. Morrell, HBS 904-071, 904-072, 904-073, with L. Prusiner, HBS 905-027

“International Profit Associates,” with T. DeLong and M. Mullick, HBS 801-937, with T. DeLong and Ying Liu, HBS 902-059

“Ecolab Inc.,” (A)-(E), HBS 396-371, 898-216, 396-374, 898-279, 898-214, (F) with J. Hinsey, HBS 898-215, video, HBS 397-507, HBS , 397-105, 397-106, HBS, 397-103

“Venture Law Group,” (A) – (C) with T. DeLong and S. Landry, HBS 800-065, 800-191, 903-116, HBS 902-215

“Bain & Co.: Making Partner,” with P. Fagan, HBS 899-066

“Bain & Co., Inc.: Phyllis Yale in Conversation with MBA students,” video, HBS 800-503, with L. Prusiner, HBS 905-032

“Developing Professionals the BCG Way,” (A), (B), with K. Morrell, HBS 903-113, 904-068, with L. Prusiner, HBS 905-029

“Tom Tierney at Bain & Company,” (A) – (D), with P. Fagan, HBS 899-291, 800-071, 800-259, 800-260, with L. Prusiner, HBS 905-034

“Planning in Professional Service Firms,” with K. Morrell, HBS 903-085, “Planning Exercise,” course software, HBS 903-701

“HBS on Staffing in Professional Service Firms,” HBS 903-110, “Staffing in Professional Service Firms,” with L. Prusiner, HBS 905-026

“Profitability Drivers in Professional Service Firms,” HBS 904-064

“Family Feud,” (A), (B), with S. Landry, HBS 800-064, 800-210, with L. Prusiner, HBS 905-033

Management of Professional Service Firms

 “Instructors’ Guide to the Professional Service Course,” HBS 905-040

“The Professional Service Course,” HBS 904-058

“An Overview of the Professional Services Course,” with T. DeLong, HBS 800-282

“Introduction to the Challenges Facing PSFs,” with T. DeLong and S. Landry, HBS 801-007

“External Strategy for Sustained Competitive Advantage,” with T. DeLong and S. Landry, HBS 801-008

“Internal Strategy of Organizational Design,” with T. DeLong and S. Landry, HBS 801-009

“Managing the Organization Through Processes,” with T. DeLong and S. Landry, HBS 801-010

“Serving Clients Effectively,” with T. DeLong and S. Landry, HBS 801-011

“Succeeding in PSFs,” with T. DeLong and S. Landry, HBS 801-012

“Becoming a Professional,” with T. DeLong and S. Landry, HBS 801-013

“Strategy and Positioning in Professional Service Firms,” HBS 904-060

“Linklaters (A): Seeking Clear Blue Water,” with L. Prusiner, HLS 08-01

“McKinsey and Company:  An Institution at a Crossroads,” with K. Morrell, HBS 903-080

“Infosys Technologies, Limited,” with T. DeLong, HBS 801-445, with T. DeLong and Ying Liu, HBS 902-057

“The HBS California Research Center,” with T. DeLong and S. Landry, HBS 800-189

“The Rise and Decline of e-Consulting,” with M. J. Prats, HBS 902-175

“HBS on E-Consulting,” with T. DeLong, T. Agan, and S. Landry, HBS 800-312

“AGENCY.COM,” (A), (B), with T. DeLong and S. Landry, HBS 800-061, 800-062

“Woodland Partners: Field of Dreams?” with T. Delong and T. Seides, HBS 800-070, HBS 801-017

 “Scale and Scope in Professional Service Firms,” HBS 903-117

“The Credit Suisse Group,” with K. Morrell, HBS 903-069

“History of Investment Banking,” with T. DeLong and Lynn Villadolid Roy, HBS 902-168

“The Major Global Stock Exchanges,” with T. DeLong and Lynn Villadolid Roy, HBS 902-169

“Cap Gemini Ernst & Young,” (A), (B), with B. Moingeon, L. Haueisen Rohrer, and G. Soenen , HBSs 903-056, 903-057, with L. Prusiner, HBS 905-030

“Note on Valuation – Compensation Tradeoff in Professional Service Firm Acquisitions,” HBS 903-111

“Thomas Weisel Partners,” (A), (B), with T. DeLong and S. Landry, 800-215, 800-331, video

“Thomas Weisel in Conversation with MBA Students,” 801-804, HBS 801-015

“Andersen Consulting—EMEAI: Reorganization for Revitalization,” with M. Y. Yoshino, HBS 396-007, supplements 396-375, 899-035, videos

“Bill Barnard on Organizational Change,” 397-501, “Organizational Change at Andersen Consulting,” 899-510

“Ownership Structure in Professional Service Firms:  Partnership versus Public Corporation,” HBS 905-038

“The Goldman Sachs IPO,” with M. Salter, B. Groysberg, and S. Matthews, HBS 800-016, with L. Prusiner, HBS 905-035

“Compensation in Professional Service Firms,” HBS 905-039

“Camp Dresser & McKee:  Getting Incentives Right,” with M. J. Prats , HBS 902-122

“Jill Greenthal at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette: The AT&T/TCI Deal,” HBSs (A), (B), with T. DeLong and S. Thorp, 800-213, 800-242

“&Samhoud Service Management,” with T. DeLong and M. Mullick, HBS 801-398, HBS 902-058

“Leading Public Professional Service Organizations,” HBS 903-123

“Abby Joseph Cohen:  A Career in Retrospective,” with K. Lieb, HBS 903-118

“Tom Tierney’s Reflections,” with K. Morrell and M. Mullick, HBS 903-127

“Tradeoffs:  Juggling Careers in Professional Services Firms with Private Life,” with T. DeLong and S. Landry, HBS 801-463

“The First Six Months: Launching Your Career in Professional Services,” with T. DeLong and S. Landry, 800-373, 801-138

“Career Strategies and Tactics in Professional Service Firms,” with T. DeLong, and S. Landry, HBS 800-375

Managing human capital

 “Vermeer Technologies,” with T. Mahmood, A, A-1, HBS 397-078, 397-079, with G. Levenson, B-G, HBS 397-080, 397-081, 397-082, 397-085, 397-110, 397-121, videos

“Vermeer Technologies (A): A Company is Born,” 899-505

“Vermeer Technologies: Realizing the Dream,” 899-507

“Vermeer Technologies: Making Transitions,” 899-508, “Vermeer Technologies: Product Demonstration,” 899-506

“Walt Disney’s Dennis Hightower: Taking Charge,” HBS 395-055

“Dennis Hightower: Walt Disney’s Transnational Manager,” HBS 395-056

“Walt Disney’s Dennis Hightower: Weaving Together the European Operations,” HBS 898-026

“Dennis Hightower: New Horizons,” HBS 396-316, video

“Dennis Hightower in Conversation with MBA Students,” 396-512, supplement 395-149, HBS 395-201

“Intel Corporation: Leveraging Capabilities for Strategic Renewal,” with C.A. Bartlett, HBS 394-141, 395-227

“Richardson Sheffield,” with C.A. Bartlett, HBS 392-089, 395-212

“Ingvar Kamprad and IKEA,” with C.A. Bartlett, HBS 390-132, 395-155

“The House of Tata,” with J.E. Austin, HBS 792-065

“Emmet Stephenson: Profile of an Entrepreneur,” with G. Levenson and E. Zschau , HBS 898-049

Management across organizational boundaries

“Honda-Rover,” (A)-(E), with R. Fortgang and J. Sebenius, HBS 899-223, 899-224, 899-225, 899-226, 899-227

“PDVSA & Citgo,” (A) and (B), HBS 899-220, 899-221, with L. Lopez, HBS 899-103

“Komatsu and Dresser: Putting Two Plus Two Together,” with G. Levenson, HBS 898-269, 399-076

“IBM and Siemens,” (A)-(C), with A. Davila and G. Levenson, HBS 397-058, 397-061, 397-062, 397-060

“Corning Inc.: A Network of Alliances,” with C.A Bartlett, HBS 391-102, 394-018
General Management

 “A User’s Guide to the General Management Course,” with E. Zschau, HBS 899-006

“Down the General Management Memory Lane,” with E. Zschau, HBS 899-007

“General Management: A Conceptual Introduction,” with C. Bartlett, HBS 396-161

“The General Manager’s Operational Challenge: Managing Through People,” with C. Bartlett, HBS 396-400

“The General Manager’s Organizational Challenge: Embedding and Leveraging Capability,” with C. Bartlett, HBS 397-011

“The General Manager’s Leadership Challenge: Building a Self-Renewing Institution,” with C. Bartlett, HBS 397-023

 “Gurcharan Das,” video, with H. Uyterhoeven, RT 19:25

Participant-centered learning

Contributed to “Participant-Centered Learning and the HBS Method,” videotape and CD-ROM 904-421

Prior Courses Taught

Harvard Business School - MBA Program

1999 – 2004    Conduct research on management of professional service firms

Developed and taught Professional Services, a 30-session elective MBA course, jointly with T. J. DeLong (1999-2001) and independently thereafter

Faculty member, Sloan Foundation Research Center on Law and Professional Services at Harvard Law School (2003 – 2004)

1996 – 2001    Taught MBA required course Leadership, Values, and Decision Making

1993 – 1997    Conducted research on general management

Taught MBA required course General Management

1995 – 2004    Faculty advisor to Advisor to six MBA field study teams

Negotiation, Organizations and Markets field study coordinator (1999 – 2004)

2001 – 2004    Taught in MBA Orientation to International Students (2002 – 2004)

Presented in HBS Reunions (2001 – 2004)

Member, Leadership Values and Corporate Responsibility Course Advisory Group (2003)

Member, Case Development Advisory Group (2003)

Harvard Business School - Doctoral Program

1993 – 2004    Thesis chair for two doctoral students (Julia Prats, DBA 2004, Boris Groysberg, DBA 2002)

Thesis advisor to three doctoral students (Lisa Rohrer, PhD 2004, Dimosthenis Arhodidis, PhD 1997, C. J. Meadows, DBA 1996)

Faculty mentor to one doctoral student (Spela Trefalt, joined DBA 2002)

Taught Doctoral seminars in Administrative Theory and Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances (1995-1997)

General Management doctoral programs coordinator (1995 – 1997)

Member, Doctoral Programs Task Force (1999-2000)

Harvard Business School - Executive Education

1998 – 2004    Taught in HBS executive education programs:

Leadership in Professional Service Firms
(1998 – 2004)

Colloquium on Participant Centered Learning

Changing the Game
(2003 – 2004)

Strategic Negotiations
(2003 – 2004)

Program for Management and Development
(2001, 2003, 2004)

The General Manager Program
(1998 – 2000)

1999 – 2004    Taught in Harvard Graduate School of Design executive education programs Running the Real Estate Company and Advanced Management Development Program

(1999 – 2004) and Transformational Leadership Program of the Harvard University Office of the Vice President (2003)

1997 – 2004    Taught in HBS custom executive education programs – PDVSA Business Leaders (1997 – 1999), Merrill Lynch Leadership Program (2002 – 2003), and Turner Construction Strategic Planning (2004)

Teaching and Research Positions Held as Doctoral Student

1989 – 1993    Research Associate General Management, with C. A. Bartlett

1991 – 1993    Teaching Fellow Graduate & Undergraduate Industrial Organization, with Richard Caves, Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

1990 – 1992    Instructor of Mathematics for Management, an intensive introductory course for doctoral students

1991 – 1992    Teaching Fellow Economics of Markets & Industry Analysis with F. M. Scherer, Kennedy School of Government

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