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Taj Mahal and Christ the RedeemerStudent Fellow Presentations

Tuesday, March 20, 2012, noon
Hauser 104, Harvard Law School

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Shafiq Poonja
PLP Public Interest Research Fellow
Harvard Law School, JD '13

The Role of Alternative Dispute Resolution Within the Indian Legal Community
Shafiq, after being selected for an internship under Justice Dalveer Bhandari of the Supreme Court of India, chose to take this opportunity to examine the role of ADR within the Indian legal community, and its impact on India’s legal profession. His research will explore the role of mediation and arbitration within the Indian legal community by using his internship contacts to interview top government and legal professionals engaging with these mechanisms. Shafiq will also interview NGOs and smaller legal service centers to analyze how mediation and arbitration are used on a daily basis for smaller matters.

Emily Inouye
PLP Public Interest Research Fellow
Harvard Law School, JD '11

Globalization and Pro Bono Legal Services in Brazil and Other Latin American Countries
Emily’s work intends to highlight how globalization has affected pro bono legal services in Brazil and other Latin American countries. Her research is examining the role of globalization and the increased interaction between lawyers, firms, and bar associations in the promotion of pro bono practice while exploring the types of pressure applied by the international community to conform to pro bono standards and practice exercised in Europe and the U.S.. To conduct her research, Emily attended a conference in Chile with participants from the NYC Bar Association and lawyers and representatives from bar associations and non-profit organizations throughout Latin America.

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Public Interest Research Grants

The Program on the Legal Profession has created Public Interest Research Grants (PIRG) designed to encourage and help fund Harvard Law School student research projects focusing on the professional structures and norms, practice dynamics, and career challenges of public interest legal practitioners and other aspects of public sector legal service delivery. The fellowships include access to PLP’s research resources, the opportunity to meet and discuss research with faculty and peers, and financial support to enable students to conduct empirical research and writing projects that might otherwise be cost-prohibitive. More Information


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