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Our publications are designed to contribute substantial research, data, opinions and recommendations to the ongoing dialogue about the legal profession, lawyers’ careers, and legal education. We invite you to explore these writings based on our ground-breaking empirical and theoretical research and scholarship.

White Papers
With this series, we aim to present our research projects in a condensed format, highlighting essential data and findings, informing an audience of practitioners and scholars.

Blue Papers
Our “blue paper” series of substantial essay and opinion pieces is available online and in print to any interested members of the legal community.

Case Studies
This Case Study Initiative develops written and video summaries of strategic and organizational issues faced by law and other professional service firms, and brings real life situations to classroom settings.

One of the outputs from the FutureEd conference seriesis the e-book Educating the Digital Lawyer, edited by Oliver Goodenough and Marc Lauritsen and published by LexisNexis. You may access a complimentary copy of the volume in the e-book format here, or you can access individual chapters in pdf format here.

This extensive bibliography is the result of the literature review conducted for our Corporate Purchasing Project.

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