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Our current projects include:

Corporate Purchasing Project

Begun in 2006, this groundbreaking empirical study investigates the ways in which S&P 500 legal departments hire and manage outside counsel, filling an important gap in our understanding of how large companies purchase and evaluate law firm services.

Harvard Law School Career Study

This study tracks and compares the careers of Harvard Law School alumni from the JD classes of 1975, 1985, 1995, and 2000, examining where, when, and how career trajectories converge and diverge.

After the JD (AJD)

The product of a unique collaboration with research institutions including the American Bar Foundation and the National Association of Law Placement and its Foundation, AJD is the first empirical study of a nationally representative cohort of new lawyers, tracking the careers 4,500 lawyers during their first 10 years after law school.

Globalization, Lawyers, and Emerging Economies Initiative (GLEE)

The Program’s newest research project investigates how globalization is impacting the nature, development and overall workings of the legal profession in emerging economies.


FutureEd is PLP's research initiative examining various aspects of legal education reform.  Law schools are facing enormous challenges as they attempt to prepare students for a rapidly changing legal market. 


The Program on the Legal Profession is conducting a survey on legal mentoring. We are interested in your experiences and opinions regarding how lawyers receive training and mentoring while in practice. 

Case Development

This initiative develops written and video summaries of strategic and organizational issues faced by law and other professional service firms, and brings real life situations to classroom settings.

For more information about our research initiatives, download our Annual Report.

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