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Democracy and Due Process: Leveraging the Law for a Just Outcome

Tuesday, October 1, noon
Wasserstein Hall B015, Harvard Law School

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Presented in cooperation with the Harvard Gender Violence Project

Gopal Subramanium
Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India
Former Solicitor General of India

Gopal Subramaniam is among the most talented and distinguished lawyers of his generation. For two years beginning 2009, he served as the solicitor general of India. Subramaniam has assisted the Supreme Court as amicus curaie (friend of the court) in several landmark cases, including the on-going Sohrabuddin Sheikh fake encounter case. He had earlier lent assistance to the court and to the cause of justice in the petrol pump allocation scandal case as well as to the inquiry investigating the murder of missionary Graham Staines and his small children by religious fundamentalists in Orissa.

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