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india and brazil landmarksIndia in the Brazilian Mirror: A Conversation with Professor Roberto Mangabeira Unger

Monday, November 21, 6:00 pm
Harvard Law School

Professor Roberto Mangabeira Unger
Roscoe Pound Professor of Law
Harvard Law School

Professor Unger discussed the ideal development strategy for India and the desirable institutional model, political, economic and legal, that would support it; what India can learn from Brazil in designing its development strategy; how India can leverage its position in the world and its role as part of the BRIC nations to ensure the social and economic development of its people.

Professor Roberto Unger, Roscoe Pound Professor of Law at Harvard Law School is one of the leading social and political thinkers of our time. He has written widely on social, political, legal, and economic theory and is one of the co founders of the Critical Legal Studies Movement. As Minister for Strategic Affairs in the Brazilian government from 2007 – 2009, he implemented creative policies for improving population access to production forces in Brazil and equipping civil society and spearheaded efforts for Brazil India cooperation.

Co-sponsored with the Harvard India Student Group


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