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starIdentifying Superstar Talents: A New Model for Law Firm Success

Tuesday, April 9, noon
Wasserstein B015
Harvard Law School

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Dr. Myra S. White '90
Clinical Instructor
Harvard Medical School, Dept. of Psychiatry

Myra White is a clinical instructor in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, an honorary professor at Jiangxi University of International Finance and Economics and on the faculty at Harvard University Extension School where she teaches managing virtual teams and organizational behavior. In 2007 she was the Harvard recipient of the JoAnne Fussa Distinguished Teaching Award and in 2010 she was selected as a Woman of the Year by Harvard’s Women’s Empowerment Network. In addition to being a graduate of HLS, she has a Ph.D. in psychology from Harvard and a degree in computer and electrical engineering from Northwestern. She has extensive experience designing and conducting training programs for Chinese executives and is a recognized international thought leader who has spoken on leadership in India, China, and Brazil. Her book, the Superstar Roadmap: How Ordinary People Build Extraordinary Careers, is based on her analysis of the lives of 60 highly successful people.

Law firms are struggling today to deliver quality and at the same time provide legal services at competitive rates. In striving to meet this challenge, some are turning to out-sourcing and others are copying corporate best practices. One arena that is often neglected in this quest is the selection, use and evaluation of talent. In this talk, Myra White will propose a new model for leveraging talent using “mini-strengths,” a concept that she has developed based on her research on how people become superstars in their professions. This concept can not only transform how law firms operate but also provides valuable insights that associates can use to make themselves valued members of a firm.

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