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                                                                              May, 2003




Dear Member,


            Once again it is time for us to request payment of your annual dues.  The rate remains $50.00 for individual members ($65.00 for institutions).  Your prompt payment will be very much appreciated.  If you are paying with a check that does not contain your name, could you please write your name on it or include your name on a separate piece of paper within the envelope?  (Institutions should include a copy of the invoice form.)  This will save us much time here.


            Volume 120 (for 2003) will be an edition of previously unprinted reports from the years 1509–1550 by Professor J. H. Baker.  This will complete Professor Baker’s current undertakings with respect to the early Tudor law reports, publications that, it is fair to say, have totally revised our understanding of what happened during these crucial years.


            Volume 119 (for 2002) was an edition of the Year Books 12–14 Henry VIII by Professor J. H. Baker.  It is the first year book volume to be edited solely from printed texts, no manuscript versions having been found.  The years were chosen because they stand apart from the other Tudor year books by reason of their fullness and their concentration on points of law settled by judgment.  The experiment will also show how far the addition of translation and apparatus may make even printed year book texts more accessible and provide an opportunity to consider the merits of the early law printers.  This volume has been mailed to all members who paid their dues for the year 2002.  Please let us know if you did not receive it.


            It has not yet been determined what will be the volume for 2004.  In the pipeline are further editions of the earliest year book reports (prior to 1300), by Dr. Paul Brand.


            The main series of Selden volumes is entirely in print.  Volumes 1–99 have been reprinted by W. S. Hein & Co., Inc., 1285 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14209–1987 (phone: [800]828–7571; FAX: [716]883–8100; email:; website:  The cost is $95 per volume, with a twenty percent discount for Selden members, plus dispatch costs.  Volume 100 and forward can, as before, be obtained from the Secretary, Victor Tunkel, Selden Society, Faculty of Laws, Queen Mary and Westfield College, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS, U.K. (phone: 44 20 7882 5136; FAX: 44 20 8981 8733; email:


            Hein has also reprinted the four volumes of Professor Thorne’s edition of Bracton on the Laws and Customs of England.  The price is $395, with a discount to Selden members of twenty percent, plus dispatch costs.  Simultaneously, the Ames Foundation, the Harvard Law School Library, and the Legal Information Institute of the Cornell Law School have produced a fully-searchable “on-line” version of both the Latin and the English text of Bracton.  It is available on the “world-wide web” at:




            The Ames Foundation, which, as many Selden members know, is an organization similar to Selden, though its publications are more irregular, has recently entered into a distribution agreement with Hein & Co.  Hein has the stock of Ames back volumes and has reprinted those volumes that are out of print.  Hein has also agreed to give discounts on Ames volumes to Selden members similar to those that Ames has offered in the past.


            We call your attention to the “web page” for the Selden Society.  This contains a complete list of Selden publications and other information that we hope will be useful.  It is available on the “world-wide web” at:




Links may found on this page to Selden’s London web page.  A similar “web page” for the Ames Foundation is available at:




            Members will receive the announcement of the Society’s Annual General Meeting at Lincoln’s Inn in London on Tuesday, 8 July, at 6:45 p.m.


                                                                              Yours sincerely,


                                                                              Charles Donahue, Jr.

                                                                              David Warrington



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