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                                                                                    May, 2006




Dear Member,


            Once again it is time for us to request payment of your annual dues.  The dues for 2006 are $65.00 for individuals and $90.00 for institutions.


            Your prompt payment will be very much appreciated.  If you are paying with a check that does not contain your name, could you please write your name on it or include your name on a separate piece of paper within the envelope?  (Institutions should include a copy of the invoice form.)  This will save us much time here.


            As previously announced, the volumes for 2005 and 2006 will be continuations of the earliest year book reports (prior to 1300) by Dr. Paul Brand.  Dr. Brand’s discovery of a number of previously unpublished year book reports from the reign of Edward I is an important event in the history of our discipline.  The two volumes of these reports that appeared in volumes 111 and 112 have already substantially increased our knowledge of the developments in this important reign, and we look forward to the continuation.  We regret that we have not yet been able to send the volume for 2005 (vol. 122) during the calendar year.  The pagination and indexing of this volume is intimately connected with that of volume 123, and they had to be produced together.  Volume 122 is now being bound, and we hope to send it out over the course of the summer.  Volume 123 will follow shortly thereafter.


            Dr. Brand’s volumes will probably be followed in 2007 by Mr. Le Poidevin’s edition of Bryt’s Reports (a named Year Book reporter of the early fifteenth century).  Further along in the pipeline are a proposed edition of William Staunford’s Plees del Coron (1557) and an edition of the papers of Sir Matthew Hale’s law reform commission of the 1550’s.


            The Letters of Sir William Blackstone, edited by Professor W. R. Prest, volume 14 of the Supplementary Series, is now in print.  Members have received, or will soon receive, an announcement.  The volume publishes all 180 known letters of Blackstone.  It will be of considerable interest to lawyers and legal historians, and also to political and social historians.  Supplementary Series volumes are not included in your membership dues.  The volume is available to members at a concessional rate of $50.00, post free if payment accompanies your order.  Once more, we will handle U.S. dollar orders from this office.


Other volumes in the pipeline of the Supplementary Series include Dr. David Crook’s The King’s Bench and Common Bench in the Reign of Henry III and Dr. A. Lyall’s edition of Cases in the Irish Court of Exchequer, 1716–34.


            The main series of Selden volumes is entirely in print.  Volumes 1–99 have been reprinted by W. S. Hein & Co., Inc., 1285 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14209–1987 (phone: [800]828–7571; FAX: [716]883–8100; email:; website:  The cost is $95 per volume, with a twenty percent discount for Selden members, plus dispatch costs.  Volume 100 and forward can, as before, be obtained from the Secretary, Victor Tunkel, Selden Society, Faculty of Laws, Queen Mary and Westfield College, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS, U.K. (phone: 44 20 7882 5136; FAX: 44 20 8981 8733; email:


            In 2004, Hein, with the Society’s permission, issued a volume reproducing the whole of the Society’s lecture series from 1952–2001.  The volume has over 700 pages and is case bound in maroon cloth similar to that of the Supplementary Series.  Many of the past lectures have been out of print for some years, and the Council hope that members and especially libraries will want to complete their holdings.  The volume is offered to members at a special price of $120 inclusive of all dispatch costs.  A leaflet with order form will be sent to members in a forthcoming dispatch.


            Hein has also reprinted the four volumes of Professor Thorne’s edition of Bracton on the Laws and Customs of England.  The price is $395, with a discount to Selden members of twenty percent, plus dispatch costs.  Simultaneously, the Ames Foundation, the Harvard Law School Library, and the Legal Information Institute of the Cornell Law School have produced a fully-searchable “on-line” version of both the Latin and the English text of Bracton.  It is available on the “world-wide web” at:


   (please note the change in this URL)


            The Ames Foundation, which, as many Selden members know, is an organization similar to Selden, though its publications are more irregular, has recently entered into a distribution agreement with Hein & Co.  Hein has the stock of Ames back volumes and has reprinted those volumes that are out of print.  Hein has also agreed to give discounts on Ames volumes to Selden members similar to those that Ames has offered in the past.


            We call your attention to the “web page” for the Selden Society.  This contains a complete list of Selden publications and other information that we hope will be useful.  It is available on the “world-wide web” at:




Links may found on this page to Selden’s London web page.  A similar “web page” for the Ames Foundation is available at:




            Members will receive the announcement of the Society’s Annual General Meeting which will be held at the Old Hall of Lincoln’s Inn on Wednesday, 5 July.  It will be followed by a lecture by Professor J.G.H. Hudson to mark the centenary of the death of Maitland: “F.W. Maitland and the Englishness of English Law.”  Following this our customary buffet supper will be offered in the crypt.  Further information may be obtained from the Secretary at the addresses listed above.



                                                                              Yours sincerely,


                                                                              Charles Donahue, Jr.


                                                                              David Warrington



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