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The British Legal History Conference is held biannually at a university in the British Isles. While there is no official connection between the BLHC and the Selden Society, the overlap between those who attend the conference and membership in the Society is substantial. The Annual General Meeting of the Society is normally held just before or just after the conference, and, occasionally, as part of the conference.

Nineteenth British Legal History Conference. The Nineteenth British Legal History Conference will be held in the summer of 2009 at the University of Exeter, from Wednesday, 8th July, through Saturday, 11th July. The conference website is at Full details about the conference, including the booking form (deadline 31 March), are available there. If all that you require is the booking form (Word document), click here.

Eighteenth British Legal History Conference. The Eighteenth British Legal History Conference was held at St Catherine’s College, Oxford, from Monday, 2nd July, through Thursday, 5th July, 2007. The conference website is still available Plans for publication of the papers given at the conference are uncertain, but the drafts of many of the papers are available on the Ames Foundation’s website:

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