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       The most common way to acquire Selden Society volumes is to become a member. For the annual subscription a member receives without further charge the annual volume, the annual report of the Council of the Society and occasional literature, including published lectures. A member is also entitled to concessional rates on other publications.

       In order to join the Selden Society, print this page (or download it in Word format), fill out the form, and mail it to Joshua Tate at the address indicated below. Please note that this form is for U.S. individual memberships only. There is a form available for establishing a Selden Society membership on behalf of a U.S. institution (e.g., a university or business) elsewhere on this site. For those from outside the U.S. who wish to join the Society a form is available on the London website.

Selden Society U.S. Individual Membership Form


       Joshua Tate,
       Hon. Secretary and Treasurer for the U.S.A.
       c/o The Selden Society
       SMU Dedman School of Law
       3315 Daniel Ave.
       Dallas, TX 7520


       I apply to become a member of the Selden Society. I attach remittance for $65.00 in payment of my dues for the current calendar year.


NAME: ________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________


E-MAIL ADDRESS:______________________________________________________



SIGNED: ______________________

DATE: ________________________

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