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          The most common way to obtain Selden publications is to join the society. The yearly membership fee entitles members to each each annual volume in addition to other benefits. All members, both individuals and institutions, are sent their copy automatically on publication unless their subscription is in arrear. The Secretary would like to hear from any member who has not received a volume due, or received it in unsatisfactory condition.

          Volumes 1 - 99 of the main series are obtainable new from:

                        W. S. Hein & Co. Inc., 1285 Main Street,  Buffalo NY 14209-1987,  USA.
                        Phone:  (+1-716) 882-2600;  toll-free: (800) 828-7571;      Fax: (+1-716) 883-8100;
                        E-mail:        Website:

This Company has undertaken to keep these back volumes in print and available at all times, and has kindly agreed to grant concessional rates to members and to all purchasers of sets.  Orders or inquiries may be sent direct or through the Secretary of the Society.

          Annual Volumes from Vol.100 onwards are obtainable from the Society. To obtain any of them, contact the secretary of the Selden Society, Mr Victor Tunkel , Faculty of Laws, Queen Mary & Westfield College, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS.

          A full list of Selden Publications, inlcuding annual volumes, supplementary series, and miscellanea, as well as a brief summary of many of the more recent volumes, is available at this website's list of Selden Publications. The introductions and contents of Volumes 1 - 102 in the main series, Volumes 1 - 7 in the Supplementary Series, and various other publications, are summarised in the Centenary Guide to the Society's Publications.

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