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Sarah Isgur - Recent Alumna

What student organizations and journals have you participated in?

I was on the executive boards of HLS Republicans, the Federalist Society, Alliance of Independent Feminists, Drama Society, Parody, and the Journal of Law and Public Policy. There is nothing about my experience at HLS that hasn't been affected by these groups. When I read an interesting op-ed or pick up a new book, I immediately thought about bringing that person to campus. When I met an alumni, they are excited to hear the latest news from the school. It is such an integral and neat part of the HLS experience to contribute to the campus community by participating in student groups.

Additionally, I was the Assistant Subscriptions Manager and a Senior Editor on the Journal of Law and Public Policy. For someone interested more in politics and less in academia, it was a great way to stay current on new legal issues and important legal scholars. It also honed my writing and editing skills in a way that has proven useful both in school and at my summer jobs. Maybe most interestingly, I edited pieces and later met the authors, which is a great conversation starter.

What did you do in your summers?

I spent the first half of my post-1L summer at the Office of Legal Policy in the Department of Justice, which oversees administration policy and judicial nominations. For the second half of the summer, I worked at a boutique appellate litigation firm. Both halves of my summer were very different, but also complementary. I spent time on the policy side, working on formulating new laws and confirming new judges to interpret those laws. I was then able to go into a firm and see how those laws are enforced and litigated in the private sector.


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