Table of Contents

Division 1. Preliminary Provisions and Construction

Division 2. Words and Phrases Defined

Division 3. General Provisions

bullet_red.gif (869 bytes)  Chapter 1. Applicability of Code
bullet_red.gif (869 bytes)  Chapter 2. Province of Court and Jury
bullet_red.gif (869 bytes)  Chapter 3. Order of Proof
bullet_red.gif (869 bytes)  Chapter 4. Admitting and Excluding Evidence

Article 1. General Provisions
Article 2. Preliminary Determinations on Admissibility of Evidence

Division 4. Judicial Notice

Division 5. Burden of Proof; Burden of Producing Evidence; Presumptions and Inferences

bullet_red.gif (869 bytes)  Chapter 1. Burden of Proof

Article 1. General
Article 2. Burden of Proof on Specific Issues

bullet_red.gif (869 bytes)  Chapter 2. Burden of Producing Evidence
bullet_red.gif (869 bytes)  Chapter 3. Presumptions and Inferences

Article 1. General
Article 2. Conclusive Presumptions
Article 3. Presumptions Affecting the Burden of Producing Evidence
Article 4. Presumptions Affecting the Burden of Proof

Division 6. Witnesses

bullet_red.gif (869 bytes)  Chapter 1. Competency
bullet_red.gif (869 bytes)  Chapter 2. Oath and Confrontation
bullet_red.gif (869 bytes)  Chapter 3. Expert Witnesses

Article 1. Expert Witnesses Generally
Article 2. Appointment of Expert Witness by Court

bullet_red.gif (869 bytes)  Chapter 4. Interpreters and Translators
bullet_red.gif (869 bytes)  Chapter 5. Method and Scope of Examination

Article 1. Definitions
Article 2. Examination of Witnesses

bullet_red.gif (869 bytes)  Chapter 6. Credibility of Witnesses

Article 1. Credibility Generally
Article 2. Attacking or Supporting Credibility

Division 7. Opinion Testimony and Scientific Evidence

bullet_red.gif (869 bytes)  Chapter 1. Expert and Other Opinion Testimony

Article 1. Expert and Other Opinion Testimony Generally
Article 2. Evidence of Market Value of property

Division 8. Privileges

bullet_red.gif (869 bytes)  Chapter 1. Definitions
bullet_red.gif (869 bytes)  Chapter 2. Applicability of Division
bullet_red.gif (869 bytes)  Chapter 3. General Provisions Relating to Privileges
bullet_red.gif (869 bytes)  Chapter 4. Particular Privileges

Article 1. Privilege of Defendant in Criminal Case
Article 2. Privilege Against Self-Incrimination
Article 3. Lawyer-Client Privilege
Article 4. Privilege Not to Testify Against Spouse
Article 5. Privilege for Confidential Marital Communications
Article 6. Physician-Patient Privilege
Article 7. Psychotherapist-Patient Privilege
Article 8. Clergyman-Penitent Privileges
Article 8.5. Sexual Assault Victim-Counselor Privilege
Article 8.7. Domestic Violence Victim-Counselor Privilege
Article 9. Official Information and Identity of Informer
Article 10. Political Vote
Article 11. Trade Secret

bullet_red.gif (869 bytes)  Chapter 5. Immunity of Newsman from Citation for Contempt

Division 9. Evidence Affected or Excluded by Extrinsic Policies

bullet_red.gif (869 bytes)  Chapter 1. Evidence of Character, Habit, or Custom
bullet_red.gif (869 bytes)  Chapter 2. Other Evidence Affected or Excluded by Extrinsic Policies

Division 10. Hearsay Evidence

bullet_red.gif (869 bytes)  Chapter 1. General Provisions
bullet_red.gif (869 bytes)  Chapter 2. Exceptions to the Hearsay Rule

Article 1. Confessions and Admissions
Article 2. Declarations Against Interest
Article 3. Prior Statements of Witnesses
Article 4. Spontaneous, Contemporaneous, and Dying Declarations
Article 5. Statements of Mental or Physical State
Article 6. Statements Relating to Wills and to Claims Against Estates
Article 7. Business Records
Article 8. Official Records and Other Official Writings
Article 9. Former Testimony
Article 10. Judgments
Article 11. Family History
Article 12. Reputation and Statements Concerning Community History, Property Interests, and Character
Article 13. Dispositive Instruments and Ancient Writings
Article 14. Commercial, Scientific, and Similar Publications
Article 15. Declarant Unavailable as Witness
Article 16. Statements by Children Under the Age of 12 in Child Neglect and Abuse Proceedings

Division 11. Writings

bullet_red.gif (869 bytes)  Chapter 1. Authentication and Proof of Writings

Article 1. Requirement of Authentication
Article 2. Means of Authenticating and Proving Writings
Article 3. Presumptions Affecting Acknowledged Writings and Official Writings

bullet_red.gif (869 bytes)  Chapter 2. Secondary Evidence of Writings

Article 1. Best Evidence Rule
Article 2. Official Writings and Recorded Writings
Article 3. Photographic Copies of Writings
Article 4. Production of Business Records

bullet_red.gif (869 bytes)  Chapter 3. Official Writings Affecting Property


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