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Copyright Information

NOTE: Much of the material on this Web Site or linked to this Web Site is subject to the protection of the United States copyright laws.

*  Material on this Web Site:

Each page containing material subject to copyright includes a copyright notice indicating that the material is subject to copyright and the name of the copyright holder, if known to the authors of this work. Material set forth on pages of this site which do not contain a copyright notice or a link to this notice is, to the knowledge of the authors, not subject to copyright, although the authors make no representation or warranty with respect thereto.

*  Copyrighted Material on this Web Site.

    Material on this Web Site which is subject to copyright may be downloaded and printed only for use in legal study or research by law students, law academics, and practitioners. Such materials may be reproduced and distributed for use in law school courses and similar educational programs without charge so long as this Web Site is identified as the source of the materials . No such materials may be reproduced, sold, published, distributed for charge or for any commercial purpose without the express written permission of the holder of the copyright and on such terms as shall be acceptable to such copyright holder.

*  Permission.

The following links are for use in communicating with the authors or with the permissions department of Aspen Publishing, holder of the copyright on much of the material on this Web Site.

Aspen Publishing Company  |  Green, Nesson, and Murray

*  Material on linked Web Sites

The authors make no representation concerning the copyright status of material on other sites linked to this site by hypertext links. Such material should only be reproduced, distributed, used or sold with the permission of any copyright holder and in accord with the requirements of the copyright law.

*   Material linked to this Web Site

Material on pages of other sites linked to this site may or may not be subject to copyright as the case may be.

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