Action against D Airline Company for wrongful death of plaintiff's intestate, who perished in a crash of one of D's planes. At trial, P offers the following on the issue of D's negligence:

(1) The policy manual of the air traffic control tower at the airport controlling the plane at the time of the crash;

(2) The U.S. Meteorological Service records of the weather on the night of the crash; and

(3) The report of the FAA investigational team assigned to investigate and report on the cause of the crash. The report contains 356 pages of detailed findings and 56 pages of conclusions and recommendations. One of the report's conclusions is that the failure of the plane's operator to properly maintain the plane's radar equipment was a primary cause of the crash.

D objects to these offers. What rulings and why? What factors justify the receipt of such evidence or argue against its use?

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