Action to determine title to Blackacre. P traces her title through an unrecorded 1982 deed from G, now dead. D claims by adverse possession for more than 21 years. P and D dispute the validity of the other's claim. At trial, how may the following evidence be authenticated by the proponent:

(1) The unrecorded deed from G to P?

(2) The 1954 recorded deed from G's grantor to G?

(3) A list of expenditures and receipts relating to the upkeep of Blackacre, going back to 1965, offered by D?

(4) A copy of the local newspaper from July 5, 1978, describing a Fourth of July picnic at "D's ranch, Blackacre," offered by D?

(5) Tax records and receipts offered by D?

(6) Cancelled checks by D for utilities for Blackacre over the past 25 years?

(7) A letter from G to D, offered by D, that states, "In reply to your letter of March 3, 1986, I have not executed any deeds to Blackacre."

(8) A telephone conversation a witness allegedly had with G on November 10, 1983, in which G reportedly denied making any deeds to Blackacre?

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