The International Bank of Commerce Mail Scam


Charge: 11 counts of mail fraud and 2 counts of use of wire communications to defraud. At trial the government seeks to introduce over D's objection 22 letters that on their face purported to come from D, "President and Senior Counsel of the International Bank of Commerce," with an address at 8 Creswell Road, Worcester, Massachusetts, and a telephone number of (617) 754-5000. D contends that there is no direct evidence that he signed or authorized the sending of any of the documents that purported to come from him. In support of its offer of proof, the government introduces evidence that (1) D had a residence at 8 Creswell Road and a telephone number of 754-5000, (2) D received, retained, and used at trial replies from 7 of the 22 addressees of these letters, and (3) all 22 letters were on the same stationery, referred to the same type of transaction, and otherwise indicated a common authorship.

Should the letters be admitted?

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