Tit for Tat


Rip Rapper v. Shawn Pend for damage allegedly occurring as a result of Pend's assault and battery on Rapper at the Beverly Hills Disco on July 14. Defendant's answer alleges that plaintiff was the aggressor and pleads self-defense.

(1) As part of his case-in-chief Rapper offers evidence of his reputation for peacefulness. Admissible?

(2) As part of his case-in-chief Rapper offers evidence of Pend's reputation as a bully, fighter, and all-around troublemaker. Admissible?

(3) Suppose that the evidence offered in (1) and (2) is excluded and that as part of his case-in-chief defendant offers evidence of his good reputation. Admissible? Suppose defendant also offers evidence of plaintiff's bad reputation. Admissible?

(4) Suppose the court excludes all the evidence offered above except defendant's good reputation evidence. On rebuttal may plaintiff offer evidence of defendant's bad reputation or of his own good reputation?

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