Confidential Counseling

Llewellan has come to you for advice on how to respond to a subpoena issued by the Federal Grand Jury for the District of Ames. The subpoena commands Llewellan to appear and give sworn testimony concerning the embezzlement of funds from the Ames National Bank. The subpoena also requires Llewellan to produce his records relating to James Saunders.

Llewellan tells you that he is a licensed as a counselor under the law of Ames and practices as a "personal and family counselor". He has always assumed that all communications and records are confidential and has told that to his clients. He also discloses to you that for the last year James Saunders, recently resigned head teller of the Ames National Bank, has counselled privately with him on a weekly basis. He wants to know whether he has to obey the subpoena, whether he has to produce any records, and how he should conduct himself under the circumstances.

What do you tell Llewellan? What additional information do you need?

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