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Welcome to the password protected Professors' Pages of the Evidence Web Site! This part of the site is accessible only to professional colleagues who have obtained passwords from one of the site sponsors. Please maintain the integrity of the confidentiality of this site and the material accessible here in the interest of all.

The following resources are linked to this site:

Green, Nesson and Murray, Problems, Cases and Materials on Evidence 3rd Edition Teachers' Manual

Evidence Discussion Forum. This facility enables any colleague to start or contribute to a discussion on an evidence-related topic. The site is moderated by the sponsors, who reserve the right to remove any inappropriate matter.

Course Materials and Syllabi. If you have course syllabi or materials that you would be willing to share with colleagues, but not post for public access, we would be glad to post them in this portion of the site. Please send them as e-mail attachments to one of the sponsors.

We are happy to expand and modify this site to meet the needs and desires of our colleagues in the study and teaching of the law of Evidence and related disciplines. Please let us know your interests and send us your contributions for posting here or elsewhere on the Evidence Web Site.

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