Teachers' Manual to Green, Nesson & Murray, Problems, Cases and Materials on Evidence, 3rd Edition.

  The following page contains links to each section of this chapter along the left margin. Where appropriate, links to the problems, cases and articles cited in the section are included below the link to the section.  

  A. Materiality  

Problem- King Solomon's Judgment (Kings 3:16)  
Tanner v. United States
Problem -The Pizza
Problem - The Defective Unopened Drum of Paint
Problem - Time Travel to Old Salem
  B. Logical Relevance  



Hart & McNaughton, Evidence and Inference in the Law  
A.J. Ayer, Hume's Formulation of the Problem of Induction
B. Russell, On Induction
G. James, Relevancy, Probability and the Law
Problem - The Burned Butt
Problem - Beer Cans in the Car
C. Conditional Relevance  

    Problem-The Rim  
Romano v. Ann & Hope Factory Outlet, Inc.
Dale A. Nance, Conditional Relevance Reinterpreted
  D. Prejudice and Probative Value   

     Problem - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words  
United States v. Yahweh Ben Yahweh
Old Chief v. United States
Problem - Photos of the Decedent
  E. Problems in Circumstantial Proof   

             Problem - Stella's Silk Stocking  
Problem - Seven T-Shirts
Problem - Bombs, Bats, and Hammers
Problems - Flight as Circumstantial Evidence
Problems -Non-Flight as Circumstantial Evidence
United States v. Silverman
Jenkins v. Anderson (79)
Problem - Anything You Don't Say Will Be Used Against You
Problem- Missing Evidence
Smith v. Superior Court
Problem - Neither a Borrower nor a Lender Be
Problem - Double Indemnity
  F. Probability and Statistical Proof   

         People v. Collins  
Smith v. Rapid Transit, Inc
Problem- License Plate Roulette
Problem- Blue Bus
Problem - Conjunction
Problem - Prison Yard
George F. Will, DNA, the Death Penalty and Horrifying Mistakes
Peter Neufeld & Barry Scheck, Better Ways to Find the Guilty