Teachers' Manual to Green, Nesson & Murray, Problems, Cases and Materials on Evidence, 3rd Edition.

  The following page contains links to each section of this chapter along the left margin. Where appropriate, links to the problems, cases and articles cited in the section are included below the link to the section.  

  A. The Propensity Rule    

  People v. Zackowitz  
  Problem: A Return to the Scene of the Crime  
  Problem: Res Gestae  
  Problem: Money or Death  
  United States v. Trenkler  
  Commonwealth v. Jewett  
  Rex v. Smith  
  Tucker v. State  
  Huddleston v. United States  
  Dowling v. United States  
  United States v. Beechum  
  Problem: "A Nice Piece of Change"  
  B. Exceptions to the Propensity Rule   

  Michelson v. United States  
  Problem: Proof of the Defendant's Good Character  
  Problem: Proof of the Defendant's Violent Character  
  Problem: The Mayor  
  Problem: Child Custody  
  Problem: Battered Spouse Syndrome  
  State v. Conlogue  
  Problem: Tit for Tat  
  Crumpton v. Confederation Life Insurance Co.  
  Ginter v. Northwest Mutual Life Insurance Co.  
  Problem: The Acrobatic Driver  
  Phinney v. Detroit United Railway Co.  
  Dallas Railway & Terminal Co. v. Farnsworth  
  Problem: The Why Concert  
  Clark v. Stewart  
  Problem: The Soo Line Smash  
  Exum v. General Electric Co.  

C. Character and Habit  

  Problem: The Careless Smoker  
  Problem: Smoking v. Speeding  
  Problem: The Acrobatic Driver -- A Reprise  
  Meyer v. United States  
  D. Character Evidence in Sexual Assault Cases   

  S. Estrich, Real Rape  
  J. Tanford & A. Bocchino, Rape Victim Shield Laws and the Sixth Amendment  
  Commonwealth v. Gouveia  
  Problem: Prostitution, Rape, or Both?  
  Problem: Explanation of Pregnancy  
  State v. Jacques  
  Problem: False Accusation?  
  Problem: Victim's Rights/Defendant's Rights  
  Commonwealth v. Stockhammer  
  Problem: The Beach Party  
  Brian C. Mooney, Florida v. William Kennedy Smith  
  Larry Tye & Irene Sege, Florida v. William Kennedy Smith  
  Williams v. Florida  
  United States v. Guardia