Teachers' Manual to Green, Nesson & Murray, Problems, Cases and Materials on Evidence, 3rd Edition.

  The following page contains links to each section of this chapter along the left margin. Where appropriate, links to the problems, cases and articles cited in the section are included below the link to the section.  
  A. Competency of Witnesses  

  Problem: The Intoxicated Informer  
  Problem: Little Archie, The Child Witness  
  Problem: The Aphasic Witness  
  Problem: Communication by Motion  
  Problem: The Medium Is the Message  
  Problem: "You Feel Very Sleepy"  
  People v. Hughes  
  Rock v. Arkansas  
  B. Form and Scope of Examination of Witnesses   

  Problem: Direct Examination -- Accident  
  Problem: Direct Examination -- Car Theft  
  Problem: Direct and Cross-Examination -- High Sticking  


C. Cross Examination and Witnes Credibility  

  Problem: The B & G Bar and Grill  
  Berger v. United States  
  Problem: Cross Examination -- Charles Atlas  
  Problem: Cross Examination -- When Did You Stop Beating...?  
  Problem: Opium  
  Problem: Hostile Witness  
  Problem: Death at the Awahnee  
  Problem: The Powder-Puff Killer  
  Problem: Showdown at the W-Q Ranch  
  D. Impeachment by Character Evidence   

  Problem: The Worrisome Witness  
  Problem: Fracas at Fenway Park  
  Problem: Robbery of the Mom & Pop Spa  
  United States v. Alexander  
  United States v. Estes  
  United States v. Amaechi  
  United States v. Paige  
  United States v. Valencia  
  Problem: Assault and Battery  
  Problem: Impeachment by Specific Contradiction and Self-Contradiction  
  Problem: Rehabilitation After Contradiction  
  Problem: Red Light/Green Light  
  Problem: Bijou Blues  
  Problem: The Wind River Ranch  
  Problem: Harry's Harborside  
  United States v. Abel  
  Problem: Cutting Through an Alibi  
  United States v. Pisari