Teachers' Manual to Green, Nesson & Murray, Problems, Cases and Materials on Evidence, 3rd Edition.

  The following page contains links to each section of this chapter along the left margin. Where appropriate, links to the problems, cases and articles cited in the section are included below the link to the section.  
A. The Rules Against Hearsay   

  Note: The Treason Trial of Sir Walter Raleigh  
  Problem - Arsenic and Hors d'oeuvres  
  Problem - Murder at the Seaside Bistro  
  Problem- Assault on Massachusetts Avenue  
  Problem - Murder in the Ajax Building  
  R. Park, McCormick on Evidence and the Concept of Hearsay: A Critical Analysis Followed by Suggestions to the Law Teacher  
  Problem - Hot Goods  
  Problem - Slander per Se  
  Problem - Speaking Out  
  Problem - "Palming Off"  
  Problem - Summary Judgment  
  Problem - Contractual Terms and Hearsay  
  Problem - The Dissatisfied Purchaser  
  Problem - The "Corn-Crib" Case  
  Note: When Conduct Presents Hearsay Problems  
  J. Falknor, The "Hear-Say" Rule as a "See-Do" Rule: Evidence of Conduct  
  Problem - Captain Cook and Davey Jones  
  Problem - Black Crepe  
  Problem - Hot Pursuit?  
  Problem - Ptomaine Poisoning at the Greasy Spoon  
  Cameron v. Walton-March, Inc.  
  Problem - "Thieves Will Out"  
  Problem - The Briefcase  
  B. Statements of a Party Opponent   

  Problem - He Who Laughs Last...  
  Problem - "If You're Gonna Get Hit, Get Hit by a Rolls"  
  Problem - Silence as Statement  
  Fletcher v. Weir  
  Problem - Omar the Disappearing Cat  
  Problem- P v. Greed Power & Light Company  
  Mahlandt v. Wild Canid Survival & Research Center, Inc.  
  United States v. Harris  
  Problem - Recall Letters  
  Problem - "The Rat Roommate"  
  Problem - "Incident"  
  Note: The Procedure of Admitting Evidence Under Rule 801 (d)(2)(E): Co-Conspirator's Statements  
  Bourjaily v. United States, 483 U.S. 171  
  C. Prior Statements of a Witness   

  Problem: The Stolen BMW  
  Problem: The "Forgetful" Witness  
  E. Morgan, Hearsay Dangers and the Application of the Hearsay Concept  
  Whitehurst v. Wright  

Problem: The Prosecution's Patsy

  Tome v. United States  
  Problem: Blind Justice  
  Problem: The Erring Eyewitness  
  D. Exceptions to the Hearsay Rule-- Declarant Unavailable  

  Problem: Speaking from the Grave-- The Dead Witness  
  Problem: The Fraudulent Transfers  
  Problem: The Speeding Chauffeur  
  P. Tague, Perils of Rulemaking Process: The Development, Application, and Unconstitutionality of Rule 804(b)(3)'s Penal Interest Exception  
  Problem: Thick as Thieves  
  Problem: The Voice from the Grave  
  Shepard v. United States  
  Problem: Dying Declarations  
  Problem: Double Death  
  Problem: "Speak Up Please"  
  E. Hearsay Exceptions-- Availability of Declarant Immaterial   

  Problem: Stage Fright  
  Problem: Stagger P  
  Problem: Husband Harry  
  Problem: Snowmobile Crash  
  Problem: Strong Feelings and Future Plans  
  Mutual Life Insurance Co. v. Hillmon  
  Problem: Threats  
  Problem: The Accusing Hand  
  Shepard v. United States  
  Problem: 911 Call  
  Problem: Negligent Entrustment  
  Problem: The Window Washers' Witnesses  
  Problem: Accident Reports  
  Palmer v. Hoffman  
  Problem: Loss Memos  
  Problem: Hospital Records  
  Problem: Computers Records  
  Problem: "Giving Them the Business"  
  Supruniuk v. Petriw  
  Problem: Police Reports  
  Johnson v. Lutz  
  Problem: Aircrash  
  Beech Aircraft Corp. v. Rainey  
  F. Exceptions to the Hearsay Rule-- The "Residuary Exception"   

  Dallas County v. Commercial Union Assurance Co.  
  Problem: An Accusing Finger  
  Brookover v. Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital  
  Problem: Emergency Evidence  
  United States v. Bailey, 439 F. Supp. 1303 (W.D. Pa. 1977)  
  United States v. Bailey, 581 F.2d 341 (3d Cir. 1978)  
  United States v. West  
  United States v. Garner  
  Garner v. United States  
  Problem: Turnabout is Fair Play  
  Problem: The Mystery of the Available Declarant  
  Note, The Theoretical Foundation of the Hearsay Rule