Teachers' Manual to Green, Nesson & Murray, Problems, Cases and Materials on Evidence, 3rd Edition.

  The following page contains links to each section of this chapter along the left margin. Where appropriate, links to the problems, cases and articles cited in the section are included below the link to the section.  
A. Priviledges in General  

  In re Farber (State v. Jascalevich)  
  Problem: Clergymen, Psychiatrists, Lawyers: The Farber Variations  
  B. The Lawyer-Client Priviledge   

  J. Bentham, Rationale of Judicial Evidence  
  Problem: The Blackacre Fraud  
  Problem: The Eavesdropper  
  Hoy v. Morris  
  Prichard v. United States  
  Problem: The Energetic Investigator  
  Problem: Tania's Tale  
  Problem: The Evanescent Priviledge  
  Problem: Name That Client  
  United States v. Pape  
  Problem: Hit and Run  
  Problem: On the Waterfront  
  Couch v. United States  
  United States v. Schmidt  
  Fisher v. United States  
  United States v. Doe  
  Problem: Mehren's Problem-- Who's Got the Button?  
  District of Columbia Bar Committee on Legal Ethics, Op. 119 (March 15, 1983)  

Bronston v. United States

  18 U.S.C. 3: Accessory After the Fact  
  18 U.S.C. 1503 Obstruction of Justice  
  American Bar Association Standards for Criminal Justice, The Defense Function  
  American Bar Association Model Code of Professional Responsibility, Ethical Consideration 4-1  
  Problem: The Smoking Gun  
  Clark v. State  
  In re Ryder  
  Hitch v. Arizona  
  Smith v. Superior Court (Abbott Ford)  
C. The Lawyer-Client Priviledge in the Corporate Context  

  Problem: The Corporate Client  
  Problem: The Assiduous Attorney  
  Hickman v. Taylor  
  Radiant Burner v. American Gas Association  
  Upjohn Co. v. United States  
  Problem: Hickman meets Upjohn  
  Commodity Futures Trading Commission v. Weintraub  
  United States v. Zolin  
  Problem: Common Defense  
  D. The Psychotherapist- Patient Priviledge   

  Problem: Confidential Counseling  
  Jaffee v. Redmond  
  Commonwealth v. Fuller  
  In re Grand Jury Proceedings (Gregory P. Violette)  
  E. The Husband-Wife Priviledge  

  Problem: The Eternal Triangle  
  Trammel v. United States  
  Problem: Home, Sweet Home  
  Problem: Private Communication  
  Problem: The Set-Up  
  Problem: Big Brother Is Watching You  
  Three Juveniles v. Commonwealth