Fall Semester, 1999


Visiting Professor Peter Murray

Assignment for Week of November 15

For Tuesday, November 16, please read:

! Comment re Privileges in General (p. 689)

! In re Farber (p. 696)

! Proposed Rule 503

! Problem 154 - The Blackacre Fraud (p. 709)

! Prichard v. United States (p. 710)

! Problem 157 - Tania's Tale (p. 714)

! U.S. v. Pape (p. 716)

! Fisher v. U.S. (p. 725)

! Problem 163 - Smoking Gun (p. 749)

! Clark v. State (p. 749)

! In re Ryder (p. 752)

! Hitch v. Arizona (p. 759)

! Problem 165 - Assiduous Attorney (p. 767)

! Upjohn Co. v. United States (p. 777)

On Tuesday we will complete our discussion of hearsay and the Confrontation Clause of the United States Constitution and go on to discuss privileges in general and the attorney-client privilege.

For Wednesday, November 17, please read:

On Wednesday we will discuss the spousal privilege and the psychotherapist-patient privilege.

Interactive Computer Exercises

Everyone is expected to have completed the two interactive computer exercises assigned by Wednesday, November 17.

Final Examination

The final examination will in two parts. The first part will be one or more "essay" questions. These essay questions and instructions for answering will be distributed at our last class on Wednesday, December 8 and will be available on the course web page after that time. The answers to the essay questions are to be brought to the in-class examination and are to be turned in with your bluebooks. The in-class examination will consist of short-answer questions. It will be "open book". We are hoping to provide an option to use computers for the in-class examination. Past exams will be posted on our course web page and are available in the red past-examination books for the years 1998-1999, 1997-1998, 1996-1997, 1995-1996, 1994-1995 and 1993-1994.

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