Fall Semester, 1999


Visiting Professor Peter Murray

Assignment for Week of December 6, 1999

For Tuesday, December 7, please read (or reread as the case may be):

Please read the material assigned for Wednesday, December 1 from last week's assignment.

Additional for this week:

We will discuss the Best Evidence Rule and problems of burden of proof and presumptions.

For Wednesday, December 8 there are no additional assigned readings. We will finish any pending discussion from previous days, and will discuss the overall value of rules of evidence in American civil and criminal procedure from various perspectives of policy and law. Please give some consideration to the issue of what public policies are served and not served by the rules of evidence in general or by particular rules which we have studied. How would you explain and justify the function of Rules of Evidence to a person who was legally educated, say, in France or Germany?

Wednesday, December 8, will be our last class in this course. At the end of Wednesday's class Part I of the final examination and instructions for answering will be distributed. These materials will also be available on our course Web Page from and after our last class up to the day of the in-class Part II of the examination. The answers to Part I are to be brought to the in-class examination on Monday, December 13 at 10:00 a.m. and are to be turned in with your blue books.

Part II of the examination will consist of short-answer questions. It will be "open book". Remember, if you want to take Part II of the examination on your laptop or a HLS computer, please be sure to return the form to the Registrar's Office by Tuesday, December 7!

Thank you all for the many contributions which you have brought to our course. Good luck on the exam!

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