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This page collects a number of syllabi for various courses of instruction in the law of evidence. Each syllabus orders and is linked to a number of evidence resources on this site.  Evidence teachers and students are invited to follow these syllabi in their teaching and learning of evidence or to devise their own syllabi for mounting on their own web sites or on this site and linking to the resources of this site.  For information on creating a syllabus on a local web site or on this site, please consult the Professors' Pages.  Syllabi are listed by school, teacher, and year.  Each listing contains a brief description of the course in which the syllabus was used.

*  Listings by School
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Harvard Law School 

  1.     Peter L. Murray, Braucher Visiting Professor of Law
Recent Developments in the Law of Evidence and Proof 
  • Harvard Law School Program of Instruction for Lawyers, June 1999 - Short 5-day course on topics such as relevance and character evidence, hearsay, expert testimony, computer simulations in court, and policy of rules of evidence for graduate lawyers.
Evidence A2 
  • A basic course in Evidence taught by Peter L. Murray, Robert Braucher Visiting Professor of Law from Practice and Edward R. Johnston Lecturer on Law.  Course was taught in the Fall of 1999 at Harvard Law School.
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