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Ballroom Dance Society

Ever want to sweep someone off their feet? Look smooth and stylish on the dance floor? Whether you'd like to prepare for that special wedding dance or hop into the latest Lindy craze, the HLS Ballroom Dance Society (BDS) will teach you how to bust a move. BDS is a group of people who love dancing and are dedicated to spreading the joys of social, ballroom and other dance forms to the Harvard Law School community. Our goal is to enrich the HLS environment by providing a forum for a popular social activity that is both challenging and physically rewarding. BDS also serves as a source of information about dance events in the greater Boston area.

Last year, BDS organized a series of free weekly salsa classes at the Law School. This year, we are aiming to increase our presence at HLS and to get more people involved through classes and outings to salsa and swing clubs. The time commitment is very flexible--just drop into one of our workshops. There is absolutely no experience or partner necessary; beginners are more than welcome. For more serious dancers, we're planning to put together some pieces to perform at various events. We hope that you will consider bringing your ideas to this organization!!

To join our mailing list, or for more information, email the Officers at ballroom@law

A Special Invitation for 1Ls