The Asian Pacific American Pro Bono Service Program (APA Pro Bono Service Program) is a pro bono service and outreach program sponsored by the APA organizations at Harvard Law School (HLS).  The APA Pro Bono Service Program is administered by the HLS Chinese American Law Students Association (CHALSA), in conjunction with the HLS Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA).


The goals of the APA Pro Bono Service Program are to:

  • Establish a strong, ongoing legal service relationship with local Asian American communities, as well as other community and student legal-related organizations.
  • Provide Harvard Law School students with a meaningful opportunity to contribute to these communities, while developing and exercising their legal skills.


The APA Pro Bono Service Program provides two types of opportunities for students:


1.  APA Pro Bono Service Placement Program


The Placement Program is an approximately two-month program, taking place in the Fall and Spring Terms, for students interested in fulfilling their HLS Pro Bono Requirement through the APA Pro Bono Service Program.


Students will work with attorneys at the Asian Outreach Unit (AOU) of Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS).  Work will be assigned and supervised by attorneys at GBLS.  Participants can choose among a wide variety of projects, including: brief service; intake involving direct interaction with clients; and legal research on pertinent issues directly affecting residents of local Asian American communities.


Students must apply for the Placement Program at the beginning of each term, and fulfill their 40-hour pro bono requirement during that term.  Participants will be expected to make a regular commitment; however, scheduling is flexible and some work may be done off-site.  At the end of the term, the Placement Program will coordinate with the HLS Pro Bono Office to confirm that participants’ pro bono requirements have been satisfied.


2.  APA Pro Bono Service General Program


The General Program provides an opportunity for students interested in being involved with the local Asian American community, but looking for a smaller time commitment.  The program organizes and sponsors pro bono projects and events throughout the year, open to all students.


One project under the General Program is the HLS APA Small Claims Advisory Service, part of a relationship between CHALSA and the Harvard University Chinatown Small Claims Advisory Service (SCAS).  HLS students pair up with Harvard University students in a mentoring relationship and conduct client intake at the Boston Chinatown Chinese Progressive Association (CPA), providing legal information and support to the Boston Chinatown community on small claims issues.

For more information, please contact any member of the 2005-06 board of the HLS APA Pro Bono Service Program:


Renny Hwang, HLS ‘05

Executive Director, HLS APA Pro Bono Service Program



Ming Tam, HLS ‘06

Director, HLS APA Pro Bono Service Program, Placement Program

Co-President, CHALSA



Marko Kuo, HLS ‘06

Director, HLS APA Pro Bono Service Program, Placement Program

Co-President, CHALSA



Adrian Lu, HLS ‘06

Director, HLS APA Pro Bono Service Program, General Program

Co-President, CHALSA



June Rhee, HLS ‘07

Director, HLS APA Pro Bono Service Program, General Program

Community Service Chair, APALSA