Student Organizations

Harvard Canadian Law Society

Welcome 1Ls to the Canadian Law Society!
CLS is an organization for Canadian students at Harvard Law School, offering a chance to meet your fellow expatriates in an informal setting, while also enjoying a range of events planned throughout the year. CLS is above all quintessentially Canadian – a group of unpretentious students that hail from that “socialist country up North”, patriotic in the way that Canadians only seem to show once outside of their borders. Our group continues to grow each year, as HLS attracts a surprising number of both JD and LLM students from all universities across Canada.

CLS plans a number of events each year, from casual get-togethers to hockey games and dinners. Our members are also a repository of information on visa issues, how to find a job in the US, and how to find your way back home with a US law degree, should you want to pursue that route. Overall CLS is simply a way to relax and talk with people who share you perspective, as well as your views on the correct spelling of such words as ‘colour’, ‘defence’, and ‘cheque’. If you enjoy a low-commitment, informal and fun-inclined student organization, the Canadian Law Society is the place for you.

We look forward to meeting you in September.
Feel free to reach out to us should you have any questions – or

James & Jeremy