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About the HLS Heathens

Posted in About on 8/21/2007

Officially recognized on August 17, 2007, the HLS Heathen Society is a new organization dedicated to the Heathen Community at Harvard Law School. All heathen students, faculty, and friends are welcome. Heathenism includes all ethical nontheists, such as atheist, agnostic, humanist, secular, and nonreligious. We also welcome those who worship with the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Ramen!

We hope to host many social events in our inaugural year, and we will team up with the Harvard Humanists for a grand celebration of Darwin Day. We look forward to a great year.

Why "heathens"? The too specific "atheist" excludes agnostics and many other nonreligious. The more inclusive "humanist" does not convey an obvious meaning to nonhumanists, and is often associated with the political left. "Heathen" is inclusive, clear, nonpolitical, and (most importantly) fun.

Heathen literally means "one who does not acknowledge your god." It is sometimes thought of as a pejorative term only because some religions considered it highly uncivilized to not recognize their gods. "Gay" and "queer" were once pejorative as well, becoming positive terms only after societal attitudes began to change.


Posted in About on 8/21/2007

We are looking for students to fill the open leadership positions in this new organization. Please email heathens (at) if you are interested in helping out this year. You can be involved as much or as little as you would like! We need:

    Advice, suggestions, ideas
    1L Section Reps
    Secretary (or Minister of Truth)
    Treasurer (or Maintainer of the War Chest)
    Vice-President (or President of Vice)
    President (insert clever alternate title here)