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The HLS Project on Wrongful Convictions is a student organization at Harvard Law School that seeks to raise awareness for the various problems with the American criminal system that result in the wrongful convictions of numerous individuals every year. As part of its mission, the Project also assists the New England Innocence Project in evaluating potential innocence claims based on DNA evidence. If you are interested in learning more about the Project, please contact Mary Ziegler, Russell Valdez, or Sylvia Heredia.

Welcome Class of 2009,

The Harvard Project on Wrongful Convictions is involved in an array of activities -- both on-campus and off-campus -- directed to preventing wrongful convictions, to righting wrongful convictions, and to increasing awareness of the grave problem of wrongful convictions in the American criminal justice system. Whether your interest is in criminal justice policy reform, in criminal defense representation, or in justice plain and simple, the HPWC will offer many opportunities for you here at Harvard Law School.

In the coming academic year, we expect to host several speakers, to host a conference, to continue facilitating clinical placements with the New England Innocence Project, and to offer various research and pro bono assistance projects for interested students. Initiative by enterprising 1Ls is encouraged, though we will also have structured opportunities for 1Ls who not only feel the pinch of the first year’s time pressures, but also the pinch of social responsiblity. In short, whatever the magnitude of task you undertake, whatever the extent of the commitment you make, the HPWC welcomes you as a partner in furthering its mission.

Please feel free to contact any of the HPWC Co-Chairs if you have any questions about the organization or about law school in general. We would be delighted to hear from you. We look forward to meeting you in the fall!

Mary, Russell, Sylvia.