Student Organizations

International Law Society

2004-2005 ILS OFFICERS

Co-Chairs - Katie Kerr & Erica Westenberg
VP - Haim Zaltzman
Secretary - John Rackson
Treasurer - Joseph Z. Perkins
Academic Chair - Cyrus Ameri
Social Chair - Khalilah Walters
Careers and Pro Bono Chair - Anthony Arnold
LLM Representative - Lia Mamniashvili
1L Representative - Jane Shvets

2004-2005 ILS EVENTS (incomplete)

ILS Party

Wednesday, March 23, 2005, 8:00 PM
Cambridge Common
Sponsored by International Law Society
Contact: intlsoc@law

The International Law Society will be hosting a party at Cambridge Common on Wednesday, March 23 at 8:00 PM. All members of the law school community are welcome.

International Trivia Night

Tuesday April 12th at 7:30 PM
Hark South (“Fishbowl” on 2d Floor)
Sponsored by the International Law Society

Que? What? Quoi? Was? Che? Play a game of trivia that tests your knowledge of small (useless?) facts on places, people, books, history, movies . . . from around the world. Come alone – we’ll match you up with other players – or come with a team. Prizes go to the best and worst teams. Pizza is for everybody.

The ICC: What's Next? Goldstone v. Goldsmith (with 2 HLS students)

Pound 108
Tuesday April 12th at 12:30 PM
Sponsored by the Globalist Society

The HLS Globalist Society will moderate a student-faculty debate between Professor Jack Goldsmith and Visiting Professor Richard Goldstone, each with a likeminded student on his team, on the merits and shortcomings of the International Criminal Court. Is the United States wrong to oppose it? Was the global community right to deny U.S. conditions for joining? Is the ICC equipped to keep law and politics separate? Come listen or contribute to a debate on one of the most important legal issues of our time. Lunch will be served.

Party Primavera

Enormous Room (Central Square)
Thursday April 14th from 8 p.m. til you say when
Sponsored by: ILS, HELA, HRJ, CGL, HALS and CHALSA

Bummed that Spring Break is Over? Don’t Despair! Kick your back-to-school worries with PARTY PRIMAVERA. Brought to you by HLS International Clubs. Join ILS, HELA, HRJ, CGL, HALS and CHALSA for a get-together with HLS students interested in international law. Talk about getting involved in one of these clubs next year, the weather, or anything at all … except finals.

2003-2004 ILS OFFICERS

Co-Chairs - Shirley Jean & Olga Nejikovsky
VP - Haim Zaltzman
Treasurer - Katie Kerr (also Development Workshop Coordinator)
Academic Chair - Rahul Mukhi
LLM Rep - Angela Oliveira
1L Rep - Cliff Strickler
Career Chair - Erica Westenberg
Social Co-Chairs - Elina Treyger & Rachel Rebouche
Webmaster - John Rackson

2003-2004 ILS EVENTS

These meetings help ILS members get to know each other, distribute information, and generate ideas. Food and refreshments are provided.
September 16, 2003
November 3, 2003

This exciting speaker series is the continuation of a tradition started in the spring of 2003. The series was jump-started by a talk by Visiting Professor Luis Moreno Ocampo, now Chief Prosecutor of the ICC; other spring 2003 speakers included Professor Joel Trachtman and Professor Ryan Goodman. The events are held on weekday afternoons and include a brief talk by the guest, followed by Q&A. Pizza and refreshments are provided.

-Visiting Professor Andrew Guzman, who spoke on "The Design of International Agreements." Professor Guzman is visiting from the University of California at Berkeley, and is an expert in international law, with an emphasis on international trade, international regulatory law, and private international law. October 9th, 2003.

-Professor Claude Bruderlein, who spoke on "Emerging Challenges to International Law: A case study of occupation in Iraq". Claude Bruderlein was appointed Lecturer on Law for the Winter Term 2004; he taught "International Law: The Challenge of War to International Humanitarian Law" (Seminar). Professor Bruderlein is Director, Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research, Harvard School of Public Health. Professor Bruderlein (Harvard Law LL.M. '96) served as consultant to the Executive Office of the U.N. Secretary-General and Research Fellow in the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies. He has also been Special Advisor to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, with expertise in humanitarian activities in conflict areas including Afghanistan, Sudan, Burundi, Sierra Leone, and North Korea. November 12, 2003.

-Professor Antonia Chayes spoke on "Do as We Say, not as We Do --A snapshot of American Exceptionalism in Treaty Behavior" Antonia Chayes, who is currently a Visiting Professor at Tuft's Fletcher School, is the Director of the Project on International Institutions and Conflict Management and a Lecturer in Public Policy at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. Professor Chayes also serves as a Senior Adviser and Vice Chair of Conflict Management Group. During the Carter Administration, Antonia Chayes was Under Secretary of the U.S. Air Force, where she provided overall program and budgetary supervision, and assumed special oversight responsibility for selected programs. Before her promotion to Under Secretary, Ms. Chayes was Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Manpower, Reserve Affairs and Installations. She was awarded Air Force Decoration for Exceptional Service and the Department of Defense Exceptional Public Service Award. November 20th, 2003.

-Professor Michael Glennon spoke on "The Collapse of the UN Charter's Use-of-Force Rules" Michael Glennon is professor of international law at Tuft's Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and will be speaking on the relevancy of UN's Use-of-Force Rules in light of recent developments. Prior to going into teaching, Professor Glennon was Legal Counsel to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (1977-1980) and Assistant Counsel in the Office of the Legislative Counsel of the United States Senate (1973-1977). He is the recipient of the Deak Prize and Certificate of Merit from the American Society of International Law and from 1986 to 1999 he was a member of the Board of Editors of the American Journal of International Law. His op-ed pieces have appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, International Herald-Tribune, Financial Times, and Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung. December 4th, 2003.

-Professor Kilaparti Ramakrishna will be speaking on "Challenges Facing International Environmental Law"' Professor Kilaparti Ramakrishna is Deputy Director and Sarah Shallenberger Brown Chair in Environmental Policy at Woods Hole Research Center. Dr. Ramakrishna obtained his Ph.D. in International Environmental Law from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. He worked as Assistant Professor at the Indian Academy of International Law and Diplomacy and at the Indian Society of International Law (1980-85) prior to attending Harvard Law School in 1985 as a Fulbright Visiting Scholar. He has held teaching and research positions at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (1986-88), the East-West Center (1988), Boston University (1987-88, 1991, 1993-94), Boston College (1993-94), Yale University (1999-2000) and Harvard Law School (2000-2001). He served as a Special Advisor to the United Nations in drafting the Framework Convention on Climate Change. In addition to global warming and climate change issues, he has contributed extensively in a variety of fields including: trends in national and international decision making, legal and institutional framework for alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, creation and management of marine sanctuaries, and conservation and utilization of world forests and biodiversity. He was instrumental in helping establish an independent World Commission on Forests and Sustainable Development, and served as its Coordinator from 1992-95. He also served as Chief, Division of Implementation and Communication at the Secretariat for the Convention on Biological Diversity in 1998. April 14th, 2004

ILS/ILJ SYMPOSIUM - Intervention and Occupation Under International Law: Justified or Not? - Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Have recent events changed the state of international legal norms regarding intervention? What are the laws of occupation and what do they mean in re-construction situations? Come hear a distinguished panel, including Todd Buchwald, Assistant Legal Advisor for Political-Military Affairs at the U.S. Department of State, Toni Chayes of the Fletcher School, Claude Bruderlein of the Harvard School of Public Health and Director of the Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research, and Roy Schondorf, Former Senior Legal Advisor to the Israeli Defense Forces, debate these issues and many more!

WTO US Steel decision. November 21st, 2003

These semi-annual traditions celebrate diversity at HLS and bring out many JD and LLM students. Lots of free drinks and appetizers are provided.
-Fall Party - Wednesday, November 12th, 2003 9pm, Redline. Co-sponsored by ILS and the Graduate Program.
-Spring Party - will be held Wednesday, April 21st, 2004, 9pm, Redline.

The first ILS Happy Hour of the year was held on Thursday, October 9th, 2003, 8:30 pm in Cambridge Commons. The first spring semester ILS Happy Hour was held on Wednesday, February 18th, 2004, 8:30pm in the upstairs lounge of Daedulus. A co-sponsored ILS/ILJ Happy Hour will be held in the Hark Cafe on the afternoon of Friday, April 16, 2004 and will feature some international snacks.

Saturday, October 11, 2003
We took the train up to this historic town, learned about the Salem witch trials, enjoyed the Halloween decorations, etc.

ILS TRIP TO THE MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, followed by dessert at Finale.
Afternoon of Saturday, February 28, 2003

Co-sponsored by ILS, OCS, and OPIA.
Thursday, March 11, 2004
Looking for examples of attorneys who have gone back and forth between private practice and other practice settings? This March 11th evening event is a wonderful collaboration among OPIA, OCS and the International Law Society. Through two panels, students will be introduced to 8 attorneys who have navigated myriad career options, moving back and forth, in private practice, nonprofit organizations, government and academia.

FILM SERIES 2003 - Post-Colonial Experiences
ILS members had the opportunity to view several thought-provoking films on five fall semester Sunday evenings in the Hark Cafe.

ILS hosted several lunch language tables.

ILS members took part in several pro bono international assistance projects.