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Founded in September, 1997, The Harvard Society of Law and Ethics provides a forum for discussion of the many ethical issues relevant to legal practice and education.  We believe that thinking about difficult situations and potential dilemmas now will afford us greater confidence about how to proceed when we encounter them in our professions.  In addition to sponsoring informal discussion groups involving students, practitioners, and law professors, we also aim to organize larger functions featuring speakers from the greater Boston area and beyond.

This page will eventually become a full-fledged website providing both attorneys and academics information on legal ethics.  In addition, it will eventually serve as a stepping-stone to our on-line discussion page.  We welcome contributions from both faculty and students.  Users should feel free to add to discussions in progress, to initiate new topics, and to post articles or works in progress for feedback.

To join the Society or to obtain a schedule of events, please contact any of the officers below.  Thank you for your support, and we look forward to hearing from you.

News and Events


Keeping the Secrets of the Courts

April 29, 1998

This semester's discussion focused on the issue of Supreme Court confidentiality.  Professors Fried, Hay, and Parker engaged students in, and debated among themselves, the question of to what degree clerks should feel free to reveal what really goes on at the pinnacle of the American legal system.  (Edward Lazurus's recent book Closed Chambers disclosed some of the high court's workings and, in so doing, sparked interest and disagreement in the legal field about what should be known and what should not.)  

John Chipman Gray room
Pound Hall
Wednesday, April 29th
5:30 pm


President: Bill Davis
Administrative Director: Sashi Bach
Membership Director: Mathew Thomas      
Events Director: Rachel Jones
Financial Director: Ruth Madrigal
Communications Director:         Yuriko Tada

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