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Harvard Law and Health Care Society

Harvard Law and Health Care Society (HLHCS): Welcome to new HLS students!

Congratulations, and welcome to Harvard Law School!  This year marks an exciting time for HLHCS.  Health care reform has set the stage for a variety of changes and inspired even more fervent debate about what to do next.  As such, health care policy and regulation will continue to be a focal point for HLHCS this coming year, as it has in the past, with influential speakers coming to campus to debate the future of health care in Massachusetts and the nation.

In addition, we are in the process of forming collaborations with a variety of community-based organizations.  We hope that these partnerships will provide opportunities to 1L’s and other HLS students to work on the frontlines of community health advocacy in the Boston area.

We also plan to bring in speakers from the great variety of health-related legal careers.  This will help expose our members to what is out there and help connect students with potential future employers.  Finally, we look forward to connecting students with the many health-related opportunities available at Harvard and beyond, and to actively engaging new members to help bring in speakers on topics of their choosing, such as global health, bioethics, pharmaceutical policy, or anything else!

A bit more about us: 

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How can I get involved?
If you would like to get involved, look for information about our meetings, events and happy hours in news@law emails, find us at the Activities Fair at the beginning of school, and/or feel free to email our President, Rajan Sonik (

HLHCS is about our members’ interests, so we are open to any and all ideas you have for activities or events. We look forward to growing HLHCS with you!