Student Organizations

Roscoe Pound Society

The Roscoe Pound Society is Harvard Law School's organization for people who have chosen to study law after work or graduate study in other fields. Our members come from diverse backgrounds, including business, teaching, publishing, military service, medicine, and government. While they tend to range in age from 25 to 50, anyone is welcome whose path to law school was not traditional and who wants to meet other such students.

The Society is named for Dean and Professor of Law Roscoe Pound (1870-1964), whose distinguished career as a legal educator began after a previous career as a botanist. As students with prior employment history, you bring to HLS valuable experiences and unique perspectives that will serve you well, in school and thereafter, while contributing to the diversity of the student body. You may also arrive with special concerns about readjusting to the classroom and "fitting in" with the majority of HLS students who have come directly from college. The Society is a way to meet other first-year students, and to have contact with second- and third-year students who understand your particular outlook and who can help with this transition. During the year, we have get-togethers on such topics as class and exam preparation, career planning, and course selection, and of course we have some purely social activities, too! The Society also serves as an advocate for the interests of non-traditional students, making sure that their points of view are expressed on such issues as admissions, job placement, financial aid, and curriculum.

We look forward to welcoming you to HLS in September.