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Who We Are
The Southern Legal Society exists for two purposes: 1) to foster community among all HLS students interested in Southern cuisine, history, art, music, culture and lifestyle and 2) to promote the South as a practice destination for HLS graduates.

To these ends, the Southern Legal Society sponsors periodic social events with Southern themes; educates students on professional and volunteer legal opportunities in the South; and publicly celebrates the diversity and contributions of Southern culture.  A common thread connecting the activities of the Southern Legal Society is a commitment to “bringing Southern hospitality to HLS.”


Harvard Southern Legal Society
SLS Square Dance, 4/9/09

The social events that the SLS likes to stage highlight Southern food, drink, and culture. For instance, in one month (April 2009) alone, the SLS held a Square Dance on campus, arranged a bourbon tasting with a professional guide, and distributed official SLS T-shirts. Other past events have included a Kentucky Derby Party, football-watching party, and a Dinner and a Movie (featuring Southern cuisine and “To Kill a Mockingbird”). Further ideas the SLS has considered and might do in any given academic year include a Mardi Gras party, a Southern ball, a bluegrass outing, a monster truck rally, a fishing expedition, and a pig roast or BBQ.

In addition, a central part of our mission is to bring to campus speakers who can address various aspects of legal practice in the South, and we aim to feature a panel of Southern lawyers at least once a semester. We have also considered sending students over spring break to do volunteer legal work in the South.

Click here to view photos from a recent Bourbon Tasting held by The Southern Legal Society

We are often asked, “What counts as the South?” and, on a related note, “Can I become a member of the Southern Legal Society?”  Reasonable minds can disagree about the first question—but at any one time, about 350 HLS students grew up or went to School in the states of Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana.

However, because any HLS student can become a member, the answer to the second question is YES.  Indeed, more than 50 HLS students from outside the above states have joined the SLS mailing list and attend our events.  You can join the Southern Legal Society by signing up at any event or by e-mailing us at sls@law.harvard.edu.

You can reach the officers of the Southern Legal Society at sls@law.harvard.edu as well as at the following address:

The Southern Legal Society at HLS
1563 Massachusetts Avenue
Pound Hall 310
Cambridge, MA 02138

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