Dear 1Ls,

We write to you from the Southern Law Society (SLS). SLS is a dedicated group of debutantes, rednecks, and tractor-lovers who fall into one of three categories:

- Students who have lived in the South before coming to law school.

- Students who attended undergraduate colleges in the South.

- Students who want to live and work in the South after graduation.

- Students who enjoy square dancing.

We're kidding about that last one, sort of. While many of the students in SLS have prior geographical ties to the South, we are not at all exclusive. We welcome anyone who has an interest in and appreciation for Southern culture, and we seek to expand the geographic diversity of career options for HLS graduates.

Some of the events we put on last year included:
- Bourbon tasting in downtown Boston, with some of the finest bourbon samplings from some of the finest bourbon makers in the country.
- Outdoor Kentucky Derby party, with traditional Derby fare and drinks (co-sponsored with the Lincolns Inn Society)
- Square dance with a live caller and Southern snacks (co-sponsored with the Texas Club)

This year will have a lot of the same events and were also introducing several career panels about practicing law in the South.

Look for us at the club fair and please send any inquiries to Y'all don't be strangers, now!

-The SLS Executive Board

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