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Data on CEO Luck and Director Luck, 1996-2005
[based on Bebchuk, Grinstein and Peyer, "Lucky CEOs and Lucky Directors," Journal of Finance, Vol. 65, pp. 2363-2401 (2010).]

Data on the Entrenchment Index 1990-2006
[based on Bebchuk, Cohen, and Ferrell, "What Matters in Corporate Governance?"The Review of Financial Studies, Vol. 22 (2), February 2009, pp. 783-827.]
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Figures and Tables on Executive Pay 1992-2003
[based on Bebchuk and Grinstein, "The Growth of Executive Pay," Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Vol. 21, 283-303 (2005).]

Data on State Antitakeover Index 1986-2001
[based on Bebchuk and Cohen, "Firms Decisions where to Incorporate," Journal of Law and Economics, Vol. 46, 383-425 (2003).]