EALS Faculty and Staff
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EALS Faculty & Staff

William Alford
Jerome A. and Joan L. Cohen Professor of East Asian Legal Studies
Director of East Asian Legal Studies
Chair of the Harvard Law School Project on Disability

Mark Ramseyer
Mitsubishi Professor of Japanese Legal Studies
Director of Japanese Legal Studies

Mark Wu

Henry L. Stimson Professor of Law

Juliet Bowler
EALS Program Staff and Senior Program Manager for the Harvard Project on Disability

Dr. Fengming Cui
EALS Program Staff

Emma Johnson
EALS Program Staff and Faculty Assistant to Professor Alford

Mike Zaisser
EALS Program Staff

Kibrom Teweldebirhan
EALS Visiting Scholar Coordinator

Mariko Honshuku
Librarian for Japanese Law, Harvard Law School Library

Dr. Nongji Zhang
Bibliographer for East Asian Law, Harvard Law School Library