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Law and Economics Seminar

This seminar will provide students with an opportunity to learn about ongoing research involving the economic analysis of law. At most of the meetings invited speakers present works in progress. Examples can be found on the Course Website (navigate to the "Course Materials" tab on the left to download seminar articles). Enrollment in either or both semesters is permitted.

Spring 2015 Seminar Schedule     

January 27          Jesse Fried (HLS), The Illusory Promise of Pre-Emptive Rights

February 3          Alan Schwartz (Yale), Regulating for Rationality

February 10        Will Dobbie (Economics, Princeton), Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham (Economics, Harvard), Crystal Yang* (HLS), Consumer Bankruptcy and Financial Health

February 17       J. J. Prescott (Michigan) and Kathryn Spier* (HLS), A Comprehensive Theory of Civil Settlement

February 24        Michal Gal (Haifa) and Daniel Rubinfeld* (Berkeley, NYU), The Hidden Costs of Free Goods: Implications for Antitrust Enforcement

March 3              Sonja Starr (HLS, Michigan), Do Ban-the-Box Laws Reduce Employment Barriers for Black Men?

March 10            Einer Elhauge (HLS), Contrived Threats v. Uncontrived Warnings: A General Theory of Contractual Duress, Unconstitutional Conditions, and Spending Clause Limits

March 17            No class—spring break

March 24            Emiliano Catan (NYU) and Marcel Kahan* (NYU), The Law and Finance of Anti-Takeover Statutes

March 31            Howell Jackson* (HLS) and Paul Rothstein (US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau), Benefit Assessment in Consumer Protection Regulation

April 7                Joe Bankman* (Stanford) and Daniel Shaviro (NYU), Piketty in America: A Tale of Two Literatures

April 14              Holger Spamann (HLS), On the Rationale of the Business Judgment Rule

April 21              Lisa Bernstein (Chicago), Private Ordering and Social Capital In Procurement Contracts: A Preliminary Exploration


In addition, two evening students-only sessions will be held from 6-9 PM on Thursday, February 19, and Thursday, April 9 (both in Hauser Hall 102). 

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