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Law and Economics Seminar

This seminar will provide students with an opportunity to learn about ongoing research involving the economic analysis of law. At most of the meetings invited speakers present works in progress. Examples can be found on the Course Website (navigate to the "Assignments" tab on the left to download seminar articles). Enrollment in either or both semesters is permitted.

Fall 2017 Seminar Schedule   

Meetings will be held on Tuesdays (5-6:30 PM, Hauser Hall 102).

September 5 -- Lauren Cohen (HBS), "Troll Check?" A Proposal for Administrative Review of Patent Litigation

September 12 -- Maya Sen (HKS), Influence and Ideology in the American Judiciary: Evidence from Supreme Court Law Clerks

September 19 -- Jonah Gelbach (University of Pennsylvania), Logic and Limits of Event Studies in Securities Fraud Litigation

September 26 -- Howell Jackson (HLS), "Nobody is Proud of Soft Dollars": A Critical Review of Excess Brokerage Commissions in the United States and the Likely Impact of Impending MiFID II Reforms in the European Union

October 3 -- Hal Scott (HLS), Controlling the Long-Term Problem of Short-Term Funding

October 10 -- Columbus Day (no class)

October 17 -- Louis Kaplow (HLS), On the Design of Legal Rules: Balancing Versus Structured Decision Procedures

October 24 -- Marcel Kahan (NYU), Regulating Motivation: A New Perspective on the Volcker Rule

October 31 -- Lucian Bebchuk (HLS), Controlling Shareholders

November 7 -- John Armour (Oxford), Financing Disruption

November 14 -- Kathy Zeiler (Boston University), What Explains Observed Reluctance to Trade

November 21 -- J.J. Prescott (University of Michigan), Noncompetes and Employee Mobility

November 28 -- Yehonatan Givati (Hebrew University/NYU), Theories of Tax Deductions: Income Measurement versus Efficiency

Two evening students-only sessions will be held from 6-9 PM on Thursday, October 19, and Thursday, November 16 (both in Hauser Hall 102).

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