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Law and Economics Seminar

This seminar will provide students with an opportunity to learn about ongoing research involving the economic analysis of law. At most of the meetings invited speakers present works in progress. Examples can be found on the Course Website (navigate to the "Course Materials" tab on the left to download seminar articles). Enrollment in either or both semesters is permitted.

Fall 2014 Seminar Schedule     

September 9       Max Schanzenbach (Northwestern) and Robert Sitkoff* (HLS), The Prudent Investor Rule and Market Risk: An Empirical Analysis

September 16     Ben Roin (Sloan School, MIT), Creating Incentives for Drug Repurposing to Solve the Problem of New Uses

September 23     Robert Bone (Texas), Trademark Functionality Revisited and Revised

September 30     Eric Rasmusen (Kelley School, Indiana), Which Corporations Should Be Exempted from the Obamacare Contraception Mandate? A Comment on “Coverage of Certain Preventive Services under the Affordable Care Act", a Proposed Rule by the IRS, EBSA, and HHS

October 7           Ryan Bubb* (NYU) and Prasad Krishnamurthy (Berkeley), Mortgage Regulation for Bubbles

October 14         No class—HLS holiday

October 21         Tess Wilkinson-Ryan* (Penn) and David Hoffman (Temple), Intuitions about Contract Formation

October 28         Mark Ramseyer (HLS), Social Capital and the Formal Legal System: Evidence from Prefecture-Level Data in Japan

November 4       Adriaan Lanni (HLS), Collective Sanctions in Classical Athens

November 11     Kip Viscusi* (Vanderbilt) and Richard Zeckhauser* (JFK School, Harvard), Regulating Ambiguous Risks: The Less than Rational Regulation of Pharmaceuticals

November 18     Louis Kaplow (HLS), Information and the Aim of Adjudication: Truth or Consequences?

November 25     Jennifer Arlen* (NYU) and Stephan Tontrup (Max Planck Institute of Economics), Does the Endowment Effect Justify Legal Intervention? The Debiasing Effect of Institutions

December 2        Allen Ferrell* (HLS), Hao Liang (Tilburg) and Luc Renneboog (Tilburg), Socially Responsible Firms


In addition, two evening students-only sessions will be held from 6-9 PM on Thursday, October 23, and Thursday, November 20 (both in Hauser Hall 102).  

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