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Law and Economics Seminar

This seminar, offered in both the fall and spring semesters, provides students with an opportunity to discuss ongoing research in economic analysis of law. At most of the meetings invited speakers present works in progress. Examples can be found on the Course Website (navigate to the "Course Materials" tab on the left to download seminar articles). Enrollment in either or both semesters is permitted.

Spring 2014     

January 28 -- Holger Spamann (HLS), This Morning’s Breakfast, Last Night’s Game: Extraneous Influences on Judging
February 4 -- Richard Revesz (NYU), Rethinking Health-Based Environmental Standards
February 11 -- Henry Smith (HLS) and Yuval Feldman (Bar-Ilan University), Behavioral Equity
February 18 -- James Greiner (HLS), The Limits of Limited Legal Assistance Programs
February 25 -- John Coates (HLS), SOX after Ten Years: A Multidisciplinary Review
March 4 -- Robert Daines (HLS), Right on Schedule: CEO Option Grants and Opportunism
March 11 -- Eric Posner (University of Chicago), Quadratic Voting in Corporate Governance and Corporate Reorganizations
March 18 -- Spring Break
March 25 -- Marcel Kahan (NYU), Symbolic Corporate Governance Policies
April 1 -- Jonathan Barnett (USC), Dynamic Analysis of Intellectual Property: Theory, Evidence, and Policy
April 8 -- George Priest (Yale), The Political Order and the Market Order
April 15 -- Steven Choi (NYU), The Guarantee Pricing Puzzle
April 22 -- Bert Huang (Columbia), Judicial Priorities

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