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Law and Economics Seminar

This seminar will provide students with an opportunity to learn about ongoing research involving the economic analysis of law. At most of the meetings invited speakers present works in progress. Examples can be found on the Course Website (navigate to the "Assignments" tab on the left to download seminar articles). Enrollment in either or both semesters is permitted.

Spring 2016 Seminar Schedule     

Meetings will be Tuesdays (Hauser Hall 102, 5-6:30 PM)

January 26--Mark Ramseyer (HLS), “Nuclear Power and the Mob: Extortion in Japan”

February 2--Guhan Subramanian (HLS), “Deal Process Design in Management Buyouts”

February 9--Alexander Stremitzer (UCLA), “Promises, Reliance, and Psychological Lock-in”

February 16--Peter Leeson (George Mason), “Witch Trials”

February 23--Holger Spamann (HLS), “Justice is Less Blind, and Less Legalistic, Than We Thought”

March 1--David Schizer (Columbia), “Subsidizing Charity: Donations or Endowments?”

March 8--Arevik Avedian (Harvard), “Corporate Governance and the Creation of the SEC”

March 15--Spring Break-No Class

March 22--Gary Libecap (UCSB), “Economic Analysis of Property Rights: First Possession of Water in the American West”

March 29--Michal Barzuza (Virginia), “Adverse Selection in Corporate Governance Choices”

April 5--Alison Morantz (Stanford), “Rejecting the Grand Bargain: What Happens When Large Companies Opt Out of Workers’ Compensation?”

April 12--Carl Shapiro (Berkeley), “Patent Assertions: Are We Any Closer to Aligning Reward to Contribution?”

April 19--Peter Menell (Berkeley), “Tailoring a Public Policy Exception to Trade Secret Protection”

Also, two evening sessions for the students will be held in Pound 101 on Thursday, March 3, and Thursday, March 31, from 6-9 PM. 

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