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Paper Abstract

293. Fernando Antoanzas, W. Kip Viscusi, Joan Rovira, Francisco J. Braa, Fabiola Portillo, Irineu Carvalho, Smoking Risks in Spain: Part I - Perception of Risks to the Smoker, 08/2000; subsequently published in Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, Vol. 21: 2/3, 2000, 161-186.

Abstract: Survey evidence for the Spanish population indicates that perceptions of lung cancer risk and life expectancy loss due to smoking are similar to estimates found in the United States. This paper also presents new evidence on the relative lung cancer risk for smokers, the perceived risk of lung disease for smokers, the heart disease risk for smokers, and the relative heart disease risk for smokers, all of which indicate substantial risk perceptions. Risk beliefs are particularly high for younger respondents, but are lower for better educated respondents.

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