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Paper Abstract

332. Lucian Bebchuk and Allen Ferrell, Federal Intervention to Enhance Shareholder Choice, 08/2001; subsequently published in Virginia Law Review, Vol. 87, No. 5, September 2001, 993-1006.

Abstract: In a recent article, we have put forward a new approach to takeover law and regulatory competition. We proposed a "choice-enhancing" federal intervention that would provide: (i) an optional body of substantive federal takeover law which shareholders would be able to opt into (or out of) and which would be more hospitable than existing state takeover law, and (ii) a mandatory process rule that would provide shareholders the right to initiate and adopt, regardless of managers' wishes, proposals for option into (or out of) the federal takeover law. In this paper, we respond to a critique of our proposal by Professors Stephen Choi and Andrew Guzman, and we further develop the case for choice-enhancing intervention.

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