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Paper Abstract

504. W. Kip Viscusi & Joni Hersch, The Generational Divide in Support for Climate Change Policies: European Evidence, 02/2005; subsequently published in Climatic Change, Vol. 77, 2006, 121-136.

Abstract: This article examines age variations in support for climate change policies in a sample of over 14,000 respondents to a 1999 Eurobarometer survey. There is a steady decline with age in whether respondents are willing to incur higher gasoline taxes to protect the environment and in the amount of gasoline taxes they are willing to pay. This relationship remains even controlling for demographic characteristics and country of residence. This article examines whether age or factors correlated with age explain the age-related decline in willingness to pay. There are age-related differences in information about environmental risks, information sources about the environment, perceived health risks from climate change, and degree of worry about climate change. However, even taking these factors into account does not eliminate the age variation in willingness to pay for a gasoline tax to protect the environment.

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