Spring 2015

Legal History: English Legal History





 Law 42200A
(Legal History:
Introduction to English Legal History)

Medieval Studies 117
(Constitutional and Legal History
of Medieval England)



Prof. Donahue

  Spring, 2015





I will post at this site from time to time (I’ll try to do it every week) the lecture outlines that I pass out in class. The outlines are in PDF form. You can use them online or download them as you prefer. What is here now are the outlines for 2012, the last time that I gave the course, although the dates are for this year. The outlines will be pretty much the same this time, but there will be differences. I’ve moved some topics around, and I’ve tried, perhaps not completely successfully, to match the 2012 outline with the date on which we will be taking up the topic this year. When I post the outline for this year’s course, I will label it ‘2015’.


Mon., 26 Jan. 2015

Tue., 27 Jan. 2015

Wed., 28 Jan. 2015

Mon., 2 Feb. 2015

Tue., 3 Feb. 2015
(Be patient; big file.)

Wed., 4 Feb. 2015

Mon., 9 Feb. 2015
(actually Mon., 16 Feb.)

Tue., 10 Feb. 2015
(actually Fri., 13 Feb.)

Wed., 11 Feb. 2015
Vocabulary chart

Mon., 16 Feb.
(actually Fri., 20 Feb.)

Tue., 17 Feb.

Wed., 18 Feb.

Mon., 23 Feb.

Tue., 24 Feb.

Wed., 25 Feb.

Mon., 2 Mar.

Tue., 3 Mar.

Wed., 4 Mar.

Mon., 9 Mar.

Tue., 10 Mar.

Wed., 11 Mar.

Mon., 23 Mar.

Tue., 24 Mar.

Wed., 25 Mar.

Mon., 30 Mar.

Tue., 31 Mar.

Wed., 1 Apr.

Mon., 6 Apr.

Tue., 7 Apr.

Wed., 8 Apr.

Mon., 13 Apr.

Tue., 14 Apr.

Wed., 15 Apr.

Mon., 20 Apr.

Tue., 21 Apr.

Wed., 22 Apr.

Mon., 27 Apr.

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