Professor Charles Donahue, Jr.

Paul A. Freund Professor of Law

My cv contains a list of all the courses that I have ever taught. Listed below are the courses that I now teach on a more or less regular basis. The basic idea is that I teach Property every year and alternate the Continental Legal History offerings and the English Legal History offerings every other year. It does not always work out that way, principally because of leaves, but that is the basic idea. I have not taught Roman Law since 2007, but I continue to offer reading courses in it, and Prof. Lanni's course in Ancient Law now includes a substantial component of Roman law. The hyperlinks next to the courses will take you to the website of the course in the most recent version that I gave it.

Property (Law)

Roman Law (Introduction) (Law)

Continental Legal History (survey) (Law) (FAS = Medieval Studies 119)

Continental Legal History (seminar) ( Law) (FAS = History 2080 [now History 2126])

English Legal History (survey) (Law) (FAS = Medieval Studies 117)

English Legal History (seminar) (Law) FAS = History 2080 [formerly History 2126])

I addition, I regularly give reading courses for graduate students in the Faculty of Arts & Sciences and in the Law School in various aspects of medieval and early modern English and Continental legal and constitutional history. I frequently also offer a reading group in the Law School in one or another aspect of this history or in Roman Law. I also serve on doctoral dissertation committees in the same fields in both faculties.