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Property (Section 2)

Professor Donahue

Catalog Number: HLS-1004-2
4 credits (Fall Term).
M., Tu., W., 10:2011:40 (WCC 1015).

The description of this course found in the catalogue and in Canvas has the advantage of brevity at the expense of specificity. The one that follows gives a bit more detail.

This course deals with characteristic arrangements under American law for the inception and transfer of the right to control and exploit property. The relationships of these arrangements to efficient resource use, the pattern of wealth distribution, and other social concerns will be explored as they are reflected in both judicial decision-making and legislative reform. Subject to variations of emphasis, topics covered will include aspects of both commercial and non-commercial transfers of land and other property, wills and trusts, and means of controlling private land use by private arrangement (easements, covenants, servitudes) and by public regulation (zoning, health and safety regulations). The historical categories and assumptions of American real property law will be considered with a view to examining their relevance to modern social and economic conditions.

Charles Donahue, Cases and Materials on Property: An Introduction to the Concept and the Institution (tentative 4th ed. 2017) (multilithed) (based on Charles Donahue, Thomas E. Kauper and Peter W. Martin, Cases and Materials on Property: An Introduction to the Concept and the Institution [3d ed. 1993].)

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