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Lecture and Class Outlines and Assignment Links

Professor Donahue


Ms. Shadrina

The date of the class for this year’s course is linked to the outline for the prerecorded lecture. Below that, under the same date, is the outline that I used in class, when the class has already been held. The outlines contain three types of material: (1) facts or bibliography about people or events that we will mention in the class or in the lecture (‘kings, and battles, and dates’); (2) documents, or summaries thereof, that we will be studying in class (good for preparing for class); and (3) genuine outlines of the lectures. The outlines up to the spring break are those for the prerecorded lectures, which are also there up the break. For the classes that have not yet been held, I give here the lecture outlines as they are currently conceived, keyed to dates on which we will have the class. There are also outlines for the section meetings. The lectures were recorded in 2022. The class outlines begin with the prerecorded lecture outlines but frequently add things or move things around to reflect what actually went on in the class. Some of them contain hyperlinks at the top that shows the order in which we took up the topics in class.


We have included a cell for the undergraduate section meetings as if they were on Thursdays. The outlines for these meetings, where they exist, go back to 2020, and the documents assigned are much more subject to change than are those for the regular classes. Think of them as the kind of thing that you might want to talk about in section. Ms. Shadrina will email you with more specific assignments for each section.


Under the outlines there are one or more links to the documents in the coursepack assigned for the class. The documents frequently contain more than we will discuss in class, because they also include documents about which you might want to write your papers. The lecture outlines usually give a pretty good idea of where the class will focus, as does the syllabus.


We have included links to many of the secondary readings listed in the syllabus as they are in syllabus, at the beginning of the week. As we say in the syllabus, focus on the documentary material. Its more important than the secondary reading. Where more than one secondary reading is given, e.g., Bellomo and van Caenegem, they are alternatives, but they frequently provide different viewpoints.


Below the links to the documents are links to the prerecorded lectures and below that to the slides that accompany them. At least on my browser, the slides have to be downloaded; they will not appear on the screen if you just clck on them.



Bellomo, pp. 1–26
Van Caenegem, pp. 1–15
Padoa-Schioppa, pp. 1–23
Watson, pp. 1–38

Mon., Jan. 22 (2023)
Mon., Jan. 22 (2024)
Documents, Front Matter
Documents, Part II
Lecture 1a – Introduction
Slides 1a
Lecture 1b – Christianity
Slides 1b

Wed., Jan. 24 (2023)
Wed., Jan. 24 (2024)
Documents, Part I
Documents, Part XX
Lecture 2 – Roman Law
Slides 2

Thu., Jan. 25
Documents, Part I
Documents, Part II

Padoa-Schioppa, pp. 24–37

Mon., Jan. 29 (2023)
Mon., Jan. 29 (2024)
Documents, Part III.A
Lecture 3 – Aethelberht
Slides 3

Wed., Jan. 31 (2023)
Wed., Jan. 31 (2024)
Documents, Part III.B
Lecture 4 – Gundobad
Slides 4

Thu., Feb. 01 (2020)
Documents, Part III

Bellomo, pp. 27–43
Berman, pp. 85–119, 273–332
Padoa-Schioppa, pp. 38–70
Van Caenegem, pp. 16–29
Vinogradoff, pp. 11–42

Mon., Feb. 05 (2023)
Mon., Feb. 05 (2024)
Documents, Part IV
Documents, Part V
Lecture 5 – Feudalism
Slides 5

Wed., Feb. 07 (2023)
Wed., Feb. 07 (2024)
Documents, Part V
Documents, Part VI
Lecture 6 – Reform
Slides 6

Thu., Feb. 08 (2020)
Documents, Part V
Documents, Part VI

Bellomo, pp. 44–61, 89–117
Vinogradoff, pp. 43–70
Padoa-Schioppa, pp. 71–94

Mon., Feb. 12 (2023)
Mon., Feb. 12 (2024)
Lecture 7a – Institutions
Slides 7a

Wed., Feb. 14 (2023)
Wed., Feb. 14 (2024)
Documents, Part VII
Lecture 7b – RLGlossators
Slides 7b

Thu., Feb. 15
Documents, Part VII

Bellomo, pp. 61–88
Padoa-Schioppa, pp. 95–150
Van Caenegem, pp. 30–114
Vinogradoff, pp. 71–96

Mon., Feb. 19 (2023)
Mon., Feb. 19 (2024)
Documents, Part VIII
Lecture 8 – CLGlossators
Slides 8

Wed., Feb. 21 (2023)
Wed., Feb. 21 (2024)
Documents, Part IX.A–D, F
Lecture 9 – RomCanProcedure
Slides 9

Thu., Feb. 22 (2020)
Thu., Feb. 22 (2020)
Documents, Part VIII
Documents, Part IX

Mon., Feb. 26 (2023)
Mon., Feb. 26 (2024)
Documents, Part XIV.A–B
Lecture 10 – Smith c. Dolling
Slides 10

Wed., Feb. 28 (2023)
Wed., Feb. 28 (2024)
Documents, Part X.A
Lecture 11 – Usatges_Barcelona
Slides 11

Thu., Feb. 29
Documents, Part XIV.A–B

Mon., Mar. 04 (2023)
Mon., Mar. 04 (2024)
Documents, Part X.B–C
Lecture 12 – 2FrenchCustumals
Slides 12

Wed., Mar. 06 (2023)
Wed., Mar. 06 (2024)
Documents, Part XI.A–D
Lecture 13 – Imperium
Slides 13

Thu., Mar. 07
Documents, Part X.A–C

Spring Break

Bellomo, pp. 116–161
Padoa-Schioppa, pp. 151–228

Mon., Mar. 18 (2023)
Mon., Mar. 18 (2024)
Documents, Part XI.E
Documents, Part XIII
Lecture 14 14c_15c_Intro
Slides 14

Wed., Mar. 20 (2023)
Wed., Mar. 20 (2024)
Documents, Part XIII
Documents, Part XII.A, C, D
Documents, Part XIV.E
Lecture 15 – Commentators 1
Slides 15

Thu., Mar. 21
Documents, Part XI.A–D

Mon., Mar. 25 (2023)
Mon., Mar. 25 (2024)
Documents, Part XIV.C–D
Lecture 16 – Commentators 2
Slides 16

Wed., Mar. 27 (2023)
Documents, Part XIV.F
Display Catalogue
Lecture 17 – Marradi (1780)
Slides 17

Thu., Mar. 28 (2020)
Documents, Part XIV.C–D

Bellomo, pp. 162–173
Watson, pp. 53–82
Padoa-Schioppa, pp. 229–293

Mon., Apr. 01 (2023)
Mon., Apr. 01 (2024)
Documents, Part XV
Documents, Part XVI.C
Lecture 18 – Humanists
Slides 18

Wed., Apr. 03 (2023)
Wed., Apr. 03 (2024)
Documents, Part XVI.A–B, D
Lecture 19 – Ordonnances
Slides 19

Thu., Apr. 04 (2020)
Documents, Part XV
Documents, Part XVI.A–B, D

Watson, pp. 83–125

Mon., Apr. 08 (2023)
Mon., Apr. 08 (2024)
Documents, Part XVII
Lecture 20 – 17th Century, A1
Lecture 20 – 17th Century, B1
Slides 20

Wed., Apr. 10 (2023)
Wed., Apr. 10 (2024)
Documents, Part XVIII
Lecture 21 – Pierson v. Post
Slides 21

Thu., Apr. 11
Documents, Part XVIII

Padoa-Schioppa, pp. 294–401

Van Caenegem, pp. 115–169
Watson, pp. 126–130

Mon., Apr. 15 (2023)
Mon., Apr. 15 (2024)
Documents, Part XVIII (cont’d)
Documents, Part XIX
Lecture 22 – Domat and Pothier
Slides 22

Wed., Apr. 17 (2023)
Wed., Apr. 17 (2024)
Documents, Part XX
Lecture 23a – French Code
Lecture 23b – German Code
Slides 23

Thu., Apr. 18 (2020)
Documents, Part XIX

Van Caenegem, pp. 170–196

Mon., Apr. 22 (2023)
Mon., Apr. 22 (2024)
Documents, End Matter
Lecture 24 – Final (printed text)

Wed., Apr. 24

1 Part A lasts 45 minutes and then crashes. Part B picks up where Part A left off and runs for 39 minutes.

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